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A Response to a Citizen's Opinion on the Appointment of Hon. Boying Remulla

Patricia Non in a statement said, "Di ko alam kung anong justice system magkakaroon tayo." In the same statement, she criticized the pronouncements of Hon. Boying Remulla on the matter of the community pantries. Non, however, took the statements of Hon. Remulla out of context.

Hon. Remulla categorically stated that community pantries should not be politicized, and should not be used as propaganda tool to criticize the government's CoVid response efforts.

Instead of taking the statements of Hon. Remulla as a legitimate reminder that their supposed initiatives should remain true to the bayanihan spirit, Non reacted negatively and made it appear that Hon. Remulla's statements are unsupportive of their undertaking.

On Ms. Non's concern on what kind of justice system do we expect with Hon. Boying Remulla at the helm of the Department of Justice, here is what we can be certain of-- Incoming Justice Secretary Boying Remulla will uphold the rule of law, and will demand no less than respect for the law. He will definitely require the full enforcement of the law under the principle that no one is above the law.

Hon. Remulla will ensure that the rights of every Filipino will be protected. He will not allow any distortion or exploitation of the law for the purpose of undermining the sovereignty of the state.

He will ensure justice for all taking into paramount consideration the welfare and the well-being of the Filipino people.

Hon. Boying Remulla has proven himself to be a staunch supporter of freedom and of peace by advocating a strong anti-terrorism campaign in Congress particularly against the CPP-NPA-NDF and their allied front organizations.

He intends to continue his advocacy against terrorism and against any group or individual that threatens the stability, peace and order, and the security of this country. Because of this, incoming SOJ Remulla is being attacked on all sides by the propaganda arm of the CPP-NPA-NDF terrorist organization.

These malicious and desperate attempts to villify the incoming DOJ Secretary will not change the fact that Hon. Boying Remulla is a true patriot whose dedication to the pursuit of peace, and whose commitment to the Filipino people is as strong as his faith in God and in the majesty of the rule of law.

On behalf of the Legal Cooperation Cluster, NTF-ELCAC, we stand united with Hon. Boying Remulla under a common goal to attain a just and lasting peace by ending the local communist armed conflict.

Prosecutor 2 Flosemer Chris Gonzales Chairperson, Legal Cooperation Cluster 6 Spokesperson on Legal Affairs, NTF-ELCAC



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