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An Analysis of the Communist Insurgency in the Philippines

LtGen Antonio Parlade Jr., An Analysis of the Communist Insurgency in the Philippines, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, 2006.

"An Analysis of the Communist Insurgency in the Philippines" is a comprehensive study that addresses the fundamental question of how to effectively counter the communist insurgency in the Philippines. The book traces the Maoist-inspired Communist Party of the Philippines, which celebrated its 37th anniversary in December 2005, marking a prolonged history of violence, terror, and political instability in the archipelagic country of 87 million people. The study aims to identify a lasting solution to end this insurgency, which has resulted in numerous casualties among government troops, insurgents, and civilians. Through meticulous research and analysis, it evaluates various strategies and initiatives with the ultimate goal of bringing an end to this prolonged chapter of insurgency in the country.



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