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CPP NPA Terrorists are the True Human Rights Violators

The 3rd Infantry (Spearhead) Division, your Army in Western and Central Visayas is mandated to protect the people at all times. Upholding their rights and dignity is always our top priority in everything we do.

The people’s fervent desire for violence and CPP NPA Terrorists-free community drives us to be offensive against these terrorists. We are only fulfilling the people’s cry for justice for all the victims of these terrorist groups' atrocities and terroristic actions.

As legitimate armed forces, we must defend the people in our area of responsibility against these NPA terrorists who are blatantly abusing the rights and dignity of the civilians for more than fifty decades. These rampant human rights violations of NPAs prompted the Armed Forces of the Philippines Center for the Law on Armed Conflict (AFPCLOAC) to submit an initial 1, 672 NPA’s human rights violations in Commission on Human Rights (CHR). These crimes were recorded from 2010 to 1st semester of this year.

Undeniably, NPA Terrorists are the true human rights violators. October of this year, there are an additonal of 166 new violations have been recorded perpetuated by this terrorist group: 16 cases of recruitment and use of child combatants, 10 cases of destruction of civilian-owned properties, 113 cases of anti-personnel mine use, 20 cases of willful killings and 7 other alleged violations of international humanitarian law.

All of these violations perpetrated by this terrorist group were already submitted to CHR, Department of Justice (DOJ) and United Nation (UN). They are now informed about the lawlessness of the CPP-NPA terrorists to the Filipino communities.

Let us be wary of these terrorists, for they are hiding behind the mask of fake human rights advocates. Let us not be fooled by their deceptive tactics and maneuvers. They are experts in fabricating and propagating false accusations and stories. They are trained to blame and point their guilty fingers at government security forces like us to cover their crimes.

In the spirit of impartiality and justice, we are very much open to any independent investigation, particularly of those conducted by the CHR on our military actions, especially the recent encounter in Miag-ao that left nine dead NPAs. The IPPO SOCO and EOD Teams that processed the scene of the incident will negate any and all false claims made by groups pretending to be human rights defenders, that properties, agricultural farmlands, and local communities were subjected to indiscriminate use of military assets.

Also, we called upon them to investigate the CPP NPA's recruitment of youth, for two of the fatalities in the said encounter were minors when recruited to join the group.

In celebration of the world wide Human Rights Day, we all aspire for better humanity with a greater sense of empathy and understanding of others; hence, we cannot allow these terrorists to deliberately violate the human rights of the people we oath to serve. We will not rest on our laurels with the people on our side until we put their decades-long cruelty of CPP NPA terrorists to its end.

MGen Benedict M Arevalo PA, Commander, 3rd Infantry (Spearhead) Division, Philippine Army, in the Annual Celebration of Human Rights Day, December 10, 2021.



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