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In response to UP Diliman Chancellor Fidel Nemenzo's statement on the defunding of UP by PRRD

Mr. Chancellor,

What does this have to do with the illegal recruitment of our children into the CPP NPA NDF that is going on right under your nose and under your watch where thousands of UP students have traded their promising futures for a life of violent extremism that has brought our country so much grief and destruction in the last 52 years?

If your assertion is true- that UP has bred more scientists, lawyers, doctors,.etc- how does this negate the tragic fact that it has bred quite a lot of communist terrorists as well because the CPP NPA NDF has targeted the UP system as their breeding ground that has proven fertile because of leaders like you who not only look away and deny the problem but give them the cover they need to do further harm to our children and our country.

Mga pinaaral ng Bayan na winawasak ang Bayan.

'Yan ang trahedya at kahihiyan ng UP- na ang mga utak ng salot na sindikato na ito ay mga pinaaral ng taongbayan.

They have taught UP students the deeply wounding language of hate and mistust towards government- under the veil of 'activism' because proficiency in this language is a necessary precondition to leading our children down the road to perdition where they fully consent to the overthrow of government and the installation of a violent, inhumane and yes, dead-as-a-doornail ideology that the Filipino people have clearly rejected: COMMUNISM.

It is not your fault, Mr. Chancellor, that UP students were lured into CPP NPA NDF fronts like ANAKBAYAN, LFS, CEGP, GABRIELA, KATRIBU, IBON etc. (and) ended up dead as members of the New People's Army. This outrage, after all, has been going on for decades now- thanks to the UP leadership that looked the other way and denied that our house was on fire.

But every death, every life wasted on violent extremism by a UP student will be on you hereon in.

I pray you will be equal to the task and have the courage and the wisdom to reject what must be rejected: this outmoded set of beliefs that no longer serve anyone any good.

We have, in our hands, all that we need to bequeath to our children a country in a much better shape than we found it- finally free of this communist scourge that has bedeviled our country for over 5 decades.

And make no mistake about it- the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict- of which a vast majority is made up of UP graduates like myself- is deadset on ending this curse.

We pray that you embody all the noble things UP endeavored to teach us and choose to be on the right side of history.

Para sa Bayan.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

Spokesperson, NTF ELCAC



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