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NTF ELCAC Response to Leila de Lima

Now that another can of worms in the double life that Leila de Lima led has been opened that show the degree of corruption she was capable of, she has panicked and let loose a volley of words insulting the honest work of faithful public servants of the NTF ELCAC that’s been clocking amazing gains for our country - among them the surrender of 24,000 rebels, the unprecedented dismantling of whole guerrilla fronts and the landfall of real public service in areas of the country that, before President Duterte sat in office, never felt the presence of government.

She has once again, like the communist terrorists KABAG she colludes with, insulted a most beloved President who, in the last stretch of his faithful service to the Filipino people, is leaving the presidency with sky high trust and approval ratings that Leila de Lima can only dream of while she remains a most despised and highly ridiculed figure.

Everything about the interview of General Palparan was above board- from the permission we got from the Bureau of Corrections Chief, General Bantag to the interview itself and we solidly stand by it and are proud of the work we’ve done.

Why does the indicted de Lima seek to deprive General Palparan media attention- his first and only one so far- when she’s had generous access to powerful mainstream media?

Has this corrupt politician who has been put behind bars for evidence strong enough to possibly put her there for life asked the DOJ or the Bureau of Corrections permission for each and every time she opened her big mouth to, once again, inflict on the Filipino people her galling lies and fractured statements about various unrelated topics (Xi Jinping??) that seem to show, more and more, a deteriorating mental status?

This must be what has gotten her confused about a lot of things - like the term “redtagging”.

Jail time has made her lag behind and we need to update her on the latest Supreme Court ruling. Let me then educate you, de Lima.

The Supreme Court has already ruled that there is no danger to life, liberty and security when one is identified as a member of the CPP NPA NDF. (Zarate v Aquino)

Speak that ludicrous term one more time Leila and the Filipino people will see even clearer how you mouth the propaganda lines of the terrorist organization you are closely linked with.

She has also called me “desperate”.

Madam de Lima, I enjoy civil liberties you no longer have because of offenses you may have committed against the Filipino people that are serious enough to put you behind bars.

Neither am I the corrupt Justice Secretary who will go down in history as the one who’s been alleged to have fueled her political ambitions with blood money she got by partying with convicted drug felons and under her watch, effectively strengthened the perversity of a penal system that ditched reforms and made Muntinlupa the manufacturing and distribution hub of drugs in the country.

The worst, the most corrupt Justice Secretary in our country’s entire history who sullied the Office she was so unfit to occupy.

In the end, De Lima is wrong.

There is nothing desperate about our quest for Justice by getting the real extent of damage a most corrupt Justice Secretary has done by the number of lives she destroyed and a country she spat on.

It is but right and just.

Just as it is but right and just that this corrupt politician so totally bereft of principles and love for country - like her allies, KABAG, never get voted back into office by the Filipino people whom they have betrayed and destroyed many times over.

May she rot in jail- hopefully for the rest of her life - so that she may never again hurt the Filipino people.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

NTF ELCAC Spokesperson for Sectoral Concerns



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