If these “doctors” (what are their names and affiliations, I’m curious) who are filing a complaint against me at the PRC to take away my medical license for “redtagging” are serious, then I will need to haul them to the National Center for Mental Health for a most thorough and highly needed mental status exam.

How is it possible that supposedly learned people have not heard that “redtagging” is non existent and that our Supreme Court has clearly ruled that there is no danger to life, liberty and security when one is identified as a member of the CPP NPA NDF?

They are violating the basic tenet of the Hippocratic oath: “primum non nocere” (“first, do no harm”) that they say I am violating.

As doctors, we are now being asked to heal our country of this 53 year malignancy that has spread its deadly tentacles through all sectors of our society.

So let us be clear about one thing here.

When we clearly identify fronts and members of the CPP NPA NDF, we at the NTF ELCAC are PREVENTING grievous harm to come to our people.

And when they try to silence government from speaking the truth about those noxious, deceitful fronts, they are ENABLING the most atrocious crimes on our people.

Murder. Massacres. Recruitment. Radicalization. Kidnapping. Human trafficking. Sexual abuse. Child abuse Slavery. Torture. Extortion. Destruction of property. Terrorist financing. The list just goes on and on.

These “doctors” are parroting the lines of this terrorist organization and employing a tool used by these terrorists -“redtagging “- to muzzle government when we do our duty of clearly and correctly identifying fronts of this terrorist organization so our countrymen can protect their children (who are the prime targets of the CPP NPA NDF) and stop them from joining this terrorist organization where countless numbers of them have lost their lives as violent extremists of the CPP NPA NDF.

The Alliance of Health Workers that these “doctors” are defending is an above ground organization of the CPP NPA NDF that is connected to an underground organization, Makabayang Samahang

Pangkalusugan (MASAPA)that has recently been designated by the Anti Terrorism Council as a terrorist organization.

They pretend to fight for the rights of health workers but in fact, care nothing for them.

Their only goal is the same goal of the CPP NPA NDF because the AHW and the CPP NPA NDF are one and the same and this is the violent overthrow of government and the installation of communism in our beloved Philippines.

In order to achieve that, they recruit members who have no idea that they have joined a terrorist organization. They then agitate them and teach them the deeply wounding language of hate and mistrust towards government. And when they are ripe for the picking, they are recruited into this terrorist organization.

So much harm has befallen our people because past administrations did not do its job of properly identifying these fronts of the CPP NPA NDF that deceived our children and our people.

That chapter in our country’s story, however, is over.

Government will no longer be silenced about these noxious terrorist fronts that have stolen what is most precious to us: our children.

And we will be more relentless and fierce in the yanking off of those masks these terrorists hide behind so they can deceive our children.

And we will be louder and bolder about the Truth than they are about their lies.

This most recent attempt at silencing, harassing and shaming us will not work.

There is NOTHING that will silence me and the ENTIRE NTF ELCAC from identifying members and fronts of this terrorist organization that has brought death and destruction to our country.

All of that is worn-out propaganda of the CPP NPA NDF that they use to recruit, raise funds and embarrass government.

But those days when they could deceive and scare and silence us are long over.

I laugh at their faces for trying to scare me with the revocation of my medical license.

If I had a hundred medical licenses, I would give it all up if it meant the end of these communist terrorist bastards.

Our people are awake and have joined hands with us.

We are ready to completely demolish these demons and relegate them back to the bowels of hell where they belong.

Magtulungan tayo, mga kababayan.


20 June 2022


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