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NTF-ELCAC Statement

READ: Makabayan bloc Representatives Arlene D. Brosas of GABRIELA, France L. Castro of ACT, Eufemia C. Cullamat of BAYAN MUNA Partylist, Sarah I. Elago of KABATAAN PARTYLIST, Rep. Ferdinand R. Gaite of BAYAN MUNA, Carlos Isagani T. Zarate of BAYAN MUNA are all high ranking party members of the CPP (NPA NDF) whose main goals are the weakening of our government and then its total destruction so that the CPP may topple our democracy and install, in its place, communism.

They are shameless and relentless in their cynical use of government resources to weaken government. And they use hard-earned taxpayers' money to destroy the lives and the bright future of Filipinos and their children.

They snuff the life and sparkle out of a country of such hard-working, progressive people with big hearts who don't deserve the grief and misery the deceitful CPP NPA NDF has served us for the past 5 decades in our life as a nation.

This being a vibrant democracy we live in, however, they are totally free to believe all that and up to a certain point, act on those beliefs.

The armed struggle, though, is where government draws the line.

And thanks to a government that has seen the bitter effects on our country of a law that had no real power to stop terrorists from making the Filipino people fair game, heaping ruthless and vicious abuses one on top of the other, we now stand with a sharp sword in our hand- the Anti Terrorism Law- to defend and protect our people from violent extremists.

Makabayan Bloc representatives must therefore strip themselves of all their pretenses and take away their masks of 'LEGISLATOR' and tell the Filipino people who it is they truly are and what it is they truly aim for:

that they are high ranking party members of the Communist Party of the Philippines that directly guides and gives explicit and implicit instructions to its armed component, the New People's Army, and to its legal fronts under the umbrella of the National Democratic Front to destroy government and kill democracy then force down our gullets a violent ideology that has fallen by the wayside of history and become obsolete because of its irrelevance and inhumanity- an inhumanity that is currently in full display in our country because of the thick deceit of the CPP NPA NDF - not the least of which are these "legislators" who have, time and again, used the immense powers of Congress to obstruct the honest work of simple and faithful public servants who are ceaseless in their service of the Filipino people.

Take off those masks and have the courage of your convictions. Let the Filipino people choose from a position of full disclosure you give- not by pulling the wool over their eyes by pretending to be what it is you're not.

The gauntlet has been thrown.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

NTF ELCAC Spokesperson



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