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NTF ELCAC Statement In Response To CPP NPA NDF’s Denial of Joma Sison’s Death

On February 8, Marco Valbuena- a fictitious name used by a non-existent person who speaks for a terrorist organization notorious for its ability to weave complicated and multi-layered lies, had the audacity to once again lie to the Filipino people.

In a statement entitled “Rumors of Death of Ka Joma Circulated By NTF ELCAC” Valbuena claims that the “NTF ELCAC and its army of trolls on Facebook and Twitter have been circulating rumors of the passing away of Prof. Jose Maria Sison” and that we had “desperatedly (sic) wish to whip up a frenzy but have only succeeded in making themselves look like fools.”

Moreover, according to “Marco”, “The fascist zealots have long had a death wish for Ka Joma because of his strident communist views and promotion of the Filipino people’s national and democratic aspirations.”

Marco doesn’t even notice the glaring contradictions in his ludicrous statement.

How can the figure head of an inhumane and obsolete ideology-communism- be a champion of a vibrant ideology -democracy-that is in exact opposition to it?

Clearly, the CPP NPA NDF is caught up in the tangled web of lies they wove when they first practiced to deceive an entire nation by pretending to be diehards for democracy and human rights defenders so that they could deceive our children and our indigenous peoples to be violent extremists who would bring the collapse of democracy in our country then supplant that democracy with communism.

And they have done so by committing the worst human rights offenses on the most helpless among us.

The terrorist Joma Sison is as much a promoter of the Filipinos people’s National and democratic aspirations as Marco Valbuena is a real flesh and blood person.

The Philippine government upholds our democracy and fights to defend it from the communist terrorist CPP NPA NDF led by the real fascist Joma Sison who we know has joined, in the burning inferno of hell his fellow terrorists, Ka Oris and Ka Bok, to face Divine Retribution if it exists and pay for every agony he caused the Filipino people while he damned humanity with his vile existence.

It is not the NTF ELCAC that has wished death on the terrorist Joma Sison.

It is the Filipino people whom he has caused unbearable grief and untold sufferings on for 53 years and who have cursed this madman and have wished him death a million times over and in all imaginable ways in heaven and earth.

Truth be told, the NTF ELCAC wanted him alive so we could drag him back to the country he destroyed, face the wrath of the Filipino people and make him answer for the millions of crimes he had committed and continues to commit on us by way of his urban operatives in (KABAG!) and out of Congress

We wanted him to rot in jail and give every Filipino the joy of spitting on him or slapping his obscene face then be subjected to a public hanging.

Death is too good for this madman, this deranged psychotic nutjob Joma Sison who surrounded himself with unthinking lackeys who did his every bidding and made life on earth a hellish existence for millions of Filipinos for over 5 decades.

So now as days drag on and there is no sign of life of this sociopathic murderer, it is the CPP-NPA-NDF who has once again succeeded in proving that the only unthinking fools here are them.

In the Age of Information this eventuality cannot be hidden the way the CPP could hide the death of Ka Roger for almost 3 years.

Hence this lie with a short shelf life makes us laugh.

The Filipino people have long woken up to the lies and excesses of the CPP NPA NDF and their terrorist fronts like KABAG and can no longer be deceived.

When a liar like the CPP NPA NDF says to us that Joma Sison is alive then we surely know the terrorist Joma Sison is dead.

If the CPP NPA NDF wants to prove otherwise, it is quite easy in this day and age.

The terrorist Joma Sison can go on Facebook live, show his evil face. He can do the same on so many platforms: Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, etc.

Or if that’s too much for them, a photo of his bloated face with beady sinister eyes that look in opposite directions holding the day’s newspaper will suffice.

There really is a plethora of choices to lend credence to the CPP claim

that this fascist monster and butcher continues to draw breath.

Surely a terrorist organization that has created a million different ways to torture and destroy our people and our country can manage to create ways to show proof of life of this terrorist bastard.

The burden of proof is on the CPP NPA NDF.

We are calling their bluff.

Prove it, Marco.

In the meantime, we sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful spectacle of the bumbling fools of the CPP NPA NDF rushing about to hide the Majesty of Death and watch this terrorist organization crumble to the ground.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

Spokesperson for Social Media Affairs and Sectoral Concerns



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