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CPP NPA NDF partylist Bayan Muna says their monumental loss in the 2022 elections- a first since it first perverted our electoral process 21 years ago- may have been caused by what it fancifully calls “massive vote shaving” instead of what it truly is- MASSIVE REJECTION BY THE FILIPINO PEOPLE who now know who it is they truly are: urban operatives of a terrorist organization who sit in Congress not to serve the Filipino people but to serve hand and foot the Central Committee of the CPP NPA NDF whose every bidding they obey in order to weaken government and destroy our democracy.

Who shamelessly use government resources to destroy government and who use our democratic institutions to destroy our democracy.

Their loss of about a million votes- from over a million in the 2019 elections to a pitiful 200k in the recently concluded polls- can be attributed to their loss of support from the people in the countryside where scores of our countrymen have turned their backs on them after finally feeling the services of government.

Because indeed at the very core of the NTF ELCAC is GOOD GOVERNANCE. This is our President’s marching orders to us: “If you want this communist terrorist scourge to end, there are only two words here: good governance.”

And so this has been NTF ELCAC’s guiding light.

The Filipino people and the government that serves them have made good the social contract that exists between them and have become formidable in the face of this terrorist scourge that has brought Death and Destruction to the Motherland.

It is you, the Filipino people, that are delivering the death blow to our most ruthless, most inhumane oppressors: the CPP NPA NDF wearing the mask of Bayan Muna.

The recently concluded elections will go down in Philippine history as the cleanest, most credible elections thus far and this will be etched in our country’s collective memory as one of the many precious gifts President Rodrigo Roa Duterte gave us.

It will also be known as that chapter in our county’s history where an empowered people successfully booted out a massive half of the CPP NPA NDF in Congress signaling the start of the end of their 53 year reign of terror.

Maraming salamat sa magigiting naming mga kababayan.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinong nagmamahal ng tunay sa Inang Bayan!

Mabuhay ang Ating Mahal na Pilipinas!

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

NTF ELCAC Spokesperson for Social Media Affairs and Sectoral Concerns



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