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NTF ELCAC Statement on Juanito Itaas

Juanito Itaas is not a political prisoner.

In the first place there are no political prisoners in the Philippines. We are a vibrant democracy where each citizen has the right to his political beliefs and is guaranteed the fullest freedom to participate in the civil and political life of our country without fear of discrimination and repression.

What Juanito Itaas is is a terrorist and a convicted murderer.

He is a member of the NPA SPARU- "SPECIAL PARTISAN ARMED UNIT" tasked by this communist terrorist group to assassinate Colonel James Rowe, Joint RP-US Military Advisory Group Army Division Chief in 1989.

For this heinous crime he was tried, found guilty then sentenced to reclusio perpetua.

Also, this travesty that has caused grave harm on our country has lasted for over 5 decades because the CPP NPA NDF did not act alone. Apart from infiltrating all sectors of Philippine society, they have strong allies in media who have provided cover and functioned as mouthpieces of this terrorist organization.

Rappler called the terrorist Itaas our country’s “longest detained activist” and the CPP NPA NDF fronts, KAPATID and KARAPATAN that functions as the law firm for NPA terrorists, “political prisoners’ rights groups”.

ABS CBN likewise called this terrorist a “political prisoner”. Inquirer, Philippine Star, GMA 7 followed suit.

This is the sorry state of journalism in our country where those tasked to deliver the truth to our people have themselves become party to the grand deception foisted and perpetuated on the Filipino people by this terrorist organization whose weapons are words.

Media repeats the propaganda lines of the CPP NPA NDF that they have used for over 5 decades to cause grievous harm on our people.

Where we endeavor to take off those masks, these media outlets strap back on those masks and make heroes out of these scoundrels.

It is therefore the hope of the NTF ELCAC that journalists continue to heed the nobility of their calling and to take their rightful place in this powerful movement sweeping our country right now borne by our people’s outrage over the atrocities committed on us by the CPP NPA NDF and their passionate desire to end this 52 year communist scourge.

Para sa Inang Bayan.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T Badoy

NTF-ELCAC Spokesperson for Sectoral Concerns



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