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VP Leni Robredo’s camp should stop insulting the intelligence of the Filipino people by pretending they have not made a pact with the devil, the communist terrorist CPP NPA NDF.

The mere fact that no less than the founder of the this terrorist organization, Joma Sison tweeted his official endorsement of her is proof positive that this marriage made in the bowels of hell has been consummated.

Then of course, the urban operatives of the CPP NPA NDF, the sarcastically named Makabayan Bloc has also officially endorsed VP Robredo.

This endorsement comes straight from the Central Committee of the CPP–the authors of grief and suffering of the Filipino people –because the Kamatayan Bloc/KABAG are mere atsoys and atsays of the CPP who do the bidding of their terrorist bosses.

And so this endorsement of Leni Robredo is an endorsement of the Central Committee of the CPP NPA NDF, an organization that has been designated a terrorist organization by the Anti-Terrorism Council and that has also been declared a terrorist organization by the Philippines, US, UK, New Zealand, EU, Australia and Canada.

The Vice President should stop insulting our intelligence further by pretending this endorsement is completely one-way with no participation on her part.

There can be no endorsement without concessions.

She has, in other words, formed a tactical alliance with these communist terrorists that is mutually beneficial to the both of them.

And anything that benefits this terrorist organization means more pain and suffering for the Filipino people.

The VP cannot feign ignorance about who it is exactly she’s been dealing with. She knows full well that it is the CPP NPA NDF that is behind the Makabayan Bloc/KABAG and she has sold us for a few pieces of silver.

This is why she shares the stage with CPP NPA NDF operative Neri Colmenares and why operatives of the CPP were spotted during her campaign sortie in Cavite: former Kabataan Rep Mong Palatino now head of the Regional Party Committee of the CPP Metro Manila Regional Party Committee, Obet de Castro, National United Front Committee of the CPP and urban infiltrator of the Movement Against Tyranny, Axel Pinpin of the Regional Urban Party Committee using the mask of KMP/ANAKPAWIS Coordinator– some of those responsible for the hakot crowd mobilized by CPP fronts–GABRIELA, KADAMAY, ANAKBAYAN, ANAKPAWIS. And this hakot crowd is part of the agreed upon concessions with the terrorist group.

This is why the VP has been a virtual mouthpiece of the terrorist group these past years– asking for the abolition of the task force mandated to end the 53 year reign of terror of the CPP NPA NDF, the National Task Force To End Local Communist Armed Conflict.

A task force headed by our President that’s clocked amazing gains and that has made peace and progress a reality for millions of Filipinos with the surrender of close to 24,000 former rebels, the weakening and dismantling of unprecedented numbers of whole guerilla fronts, the institutionalizing of good governance by way of the Barangay Development Program which our President has expressly stated is the way to finally end this 53 year terrorist curse.

She has also repeatedly used the term “redtagging” -a tool the CPP uses to silence those who speak the truth about their fronts despite the consistent verdict given by our courts of law-including our Supreme Court that there is no threat to life, liberty and security when one is identified as a “member of the CPP NPA NDF”.

And for each and every time she has uttered that lie- “redtagging”- she has provided cover for these terrorists.

She has also promised to resume the bogus peace talks if she ever becomes president– these bogus peace talks that are so totally bereft of sincerity, that the body count of our men and women in uniform reach sky-high and the recruitment of our children into the NPA peaks each and every time the Philippine government made the mistake of negotiating peace with these terrorists.

The Makabayan Bloc is the political machinery of the terrorist CPP NPA NDF that they employ during elections to pervert our democratic processes with the express goal of gaining political power that they will then use to continue the 53 year-bloodbath they have wreaked on the Filipino people.

And so we are sorry to tell those who have given their precious trust to the VP that she has betrayed us all.

There is a way she can redeem herself though and it is this: to stand united with the people she has sworn to defend and protect and to publicly denounce the CPP NPA NDF and ALL the atrocities they have committed against the Filipino people for the past 53 years and to swear to work with the NTF ELCAC to finally end what should have ended a very long time ago: the CPP NPA NDF.

She must also ask the Makabayan Bloc to share the stage with her and do the very same thing: denounce the murders of Kieth and Nolven Absalon, the massacre of 39 members of the Bagobo Tagabawa tribe in Rano, the murder of our tribal chiefs, the countless murders of our indigenous peoples, our children, our people.

Every Filipino who’s had the audacity to ask us for our trust must be able to stand united with the nation and do this simple act.

We therefore await the Vice President’s public condemnation of the CPP NPA NDF and her open invitation for the KABAG to do the same.

Otherwise we will rightfully conclude that she is not worthy of our trust and that she values the few votes the CPP NPA NDF claims they can give her far more than our lives and the lives of our children and the destiny of our country.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

NTF ELCAC Spokesperson for Sectoral Concerns



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