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The NTF ELCAC rejoices and welcomes with open arms Jong Monzon, an NPA of the Regional Operations Command of the Southern Mindanao Regional Committee, former Secretary General of PASAKA and one of the stalwarts of the CPP NPA NDF and his two other comrades, Datu Mentroso Malibato and Danny Malibato, who have decided to turn their backs on this terrorist organization and peacefully rejoin civil society and help rebuild our country- this time by partnering with the government they were taught to overthrow as violent extremists of the CPP NPA NDF.

Three less Filipinos killing fellow Filipinos.

Three more joining the swelling ranks of 24,000 peaceful surrenders under the watch of President Rodrigo Duterte.

And three more finally putting an end to the chapter of grief of their families and starting a new one- this time, in their loving embrace.

For these three, their surrender means a second chance at redeeming the damned lives they led where they were deceived by the CPP NPA NDF to be the worst versions of themselves: terrorists, menaces to society.

We rejoice that Jong Monzon, poster boy of CPP NPA NDF fronts like Save Our Schools Network and PASAKA brings with him the unstinting and blinding Truth about this terrorist organization that was able to destroy millions of lives because of the tangled web of lies they wove and that they foisted on the Filipino people and the international community.

And like former rebels who now stand strong in faithful defense of the country, Jong Monzon is shining a light in the dark.

Among his most recent revelations:

That Chad Booc was indeed an NPA and armed to the teeth when he was killed in a legitimate encounter with government troops. That Chad Booc, like him, wore the mask of “volunteer teacher” while committing serious offenses on the indigenous peoples: recruitment, radicalization, kidnapping, human trafficking etc.

And most heartbreaking of all: that Chad Booc like Jong, had wanted so badly to leave the CPP NPA NDF but was given no choice but to continue bearing arms.

Jong Monzon has also bolstered what our President’s intelligence reports bear out and what former rebels have said: that the Vice President knowingly welcomed the endorsement of the CPP NPA NDF by way of its urban operatives of the /KABAG - KABATAAN, ANAKPAWIS, BAYAN MUNA, ACT, GABRIELA and that concessions were made by the Vice President to earn this endorsement.

We expect many more truths to come from Jong Monzon who was the bearer of lies of the CPP NPA NDF for decades.

And we expect for him to show us where it is we’ve been betrayed and who the traitors in our midst are.

And then Jong, like former rebels before him, will show us the way out of this dark and bloody chapter.

Before we can change anything, we need to face the truth about it. And so we face with courage the bitter pill of betrayals we’ve had on those we had given our trust to: teachers, pastors, priests, nuns..

Then and only then can we heal as a people.

Then and only then can we rebuild and demand fidelity from those we give our precious trust to.

The downfall of the CPP NPA NDF is imminent.

And still we must all stand strong on our shared ground of love for country until the CPP NPA NDF is no more.

This challenge extends to the Vice President whom we have asked to publicly condemn the terrorist CPP NPA NDF.

We await her response.

A new chapter in our country’s history is being written and it is written with the blood of children we have lost and children we have saved. And it is being written with our best hopes for our selves and our country.

Magtulungan tayo.

Para sa Bayan.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

NTF ELCAC Spokesperson for Social Media Affairs and Sectoral Concerns

17 March 2022



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