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It doesn’t get any clearer than this.

If you close your eyes and asked someone to read this statement to you, it would sound like a statement straight out of the CPP NPA NDF replete with their templated outrageous lies that they have been ramming down the throats of the Filipino people: their perverted version of the truth they live in the parallel universe they’ve created inside UP where they make heroes out of scoundrels and scoundrels out of the real heroes of our country.

And it doesn’t get any clearer than this: the culpability of the UP officials in the untold number of deaths of UP students who turned their backs on their bright promise to die as violent extremists of the CPP NPA NDF goaded on by an administration that is deeply and sickeningly infiltrated by the CPP NPA NDF and who have thus made of this institution the top recruiter of political cadres for a terrorist organization that has caused so much death and destruction on our country for over 5 decades now.

Chad Booc, in the short tragic life he lived- wreaked havoc as a political cadre who radicalized and recruited countless indigenous minors into the CPP NPA NDF by way of the CPP-created and CPP-led Save Our Schools Network that built terrorist training camps - Salugpungan, TRIFPSS, ALCADEV, MISFI- where some of the worst crimes against our indigenous peoples were committed: recruitment, radicalization, human trafficking, kidnapping, child abuse, sexual abuse, slavery, terrorist financing.

Chad Booc was a cum laude graduate with a degree in Computer Science.

And then he died as an NPA cradling the M16 he used in fighting government troops in a legitimate encounter that the tribal elders of New Bataan have themselves verified.

Kevin Castro was no better.

A magna cum laude graduate with a degree in Education who made the mistake of joining the National Union of Students of the Philippines, one of the many front UP allows to lure its students into the path of violent extremism that has led to their destruction and the destruction of so many lives.

This is what UP makes of its graduates.

The dizzying fall from grace to the most hideous versions of themselves: terrorists.

The list is long and by no means complete.

The unbearable truth here is we have no idea how many of our UP students have been deceived into joining a terrorist organization that UP officials like Fidel Nemenzo protects and enables and how many of them have died.

And while they lived, how many iskolar ng bayan, destroyed and ended lives of the very people they were supposed to serve.

JoAnne Lapira joined Gabriela died as an NPA combatant.

John Carlo Alberto joined ANAKBAYAN died as an NPA.

Tanya Domingo

Malvin Cruz joined LFS, died as an NPA combatant

Recca Noelle Monte joined GABRIELA, died as an NPA

RJ Manalo joined GABRIELA died as an NPA.

This list goes on and on. And then even more tragic is the list of the unnamed and the forgotten buried in shallow graves across the land.

We must name them.

We must never forget them.

Mga iskolar ng Bayan that UP failed.

And we must never forgive the outrage done on our children.

And we must let those complicit in the deaths of these children pay.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

NTF ELCAC Spokesperson for Sectoral Concerns



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