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NTF ELCAC Statement Regarding the CPP NPA NDF’s accusation of our meddling in the ABS CBN issue

The CPP NPA NDF, through its legal front, Bayan Muna-- and echoed and reechoed by their other fronts (CEGP, AnakBayan, LFS among others) asks an important question that deserves a real answer:

Why is the National Task Force To End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF ELCAC) "meddling" with the ABS CBN issue?

It is because this falls squarely under NTF ELCAC mandate: to put an end to this scourge that has crippled our country for the past 5 decades.

The CPP NPA NDF, through its above and below ground organizations, will stop at nothing and will use everything to sow chaos and agitate and divide the Filipino people against its government to reach its one and only endgoal: overthrow of government and then to replace it with their obsolete, godless, vicious ideology: communism--at a time in our world's history when this ideology has edged its way to near-extinction.

Except in this part of the world where they continue to wage a losing battle against a people who have grown wise in the ways of these terrorists and a government hellbent on ending this scourge and rescuing our people from the clutches of these terrorists so we may move forward as a nation and give to our children a country finally free of what it is that has held us hostage for over 5 decades now.

They point a finger at this government and call it fascist when fascism is at the very core of their violent godless ideology and where they declare in their by-laws "adherence to proletarian DICTATORSHIP" (CPP Constitution Plans and Programs Article 3 Section 7).

By now, it is common knowledge that this terrorist group will not only brook no dissent among their adherents but silence those in their ranks who do so by mass murders/purgings.

The NTF ELCAC is in the forefront of this fight because the terrorist CPP NPA NDF's strategies in bringing this country down is firmly rooted in the Maoist belief that "Everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent.”

Therefore, we are fully cognizant about how the terrorist CPP NPA NDF exploits the ABS CBN closure and views it as an opportunity to sow chaos and division, through its broad alliances like Amnesty International that has meddled and weighed in with the narrative they force on us: suppresion of press freedom.

And right alongside them, the Movement Against Tyranny is crafting its propaganda strategy to bloat this exclusive franchise problem of a single TV station as a suppression of press freedom in our country.

So, let's be aware of these alliances, of unity and protest actions, instigated by the same communist group that has exploited us and divided us and that laughs with glee when we fight each other.

The only one that stands to benefit from this chaos is the terrorist CPP NPA NDF and its legal fronts.

Let us keep BAYAN, Amnesty International Phil, NUJP, CEGP, AHRW, Karapatan, IBON, ARTISTA, and the International League of People's Struggle of Jose Ma Sison, especially the CPPs underground mass organizations amongst them (Artista at Manunulat ng Sambayanan or ARMAS, Christians for National Liberation, KM, Lumaban, etc) OUT of this issue, lest we allow them to drag us into their trap and swallow the narrative they force down our throats- tyranny.

We subscribe to the fact that the franchise issue is a legal issue within the purview of Congress and in the case of the cease and desist order (CDO) issued by the National Telecommunications Commission, the Supreme Court.

But while we defer to the wisdom and separate powers of the legislature and the judiciary, we will not stand idly by and do nothing as these communist terrorist front organizations feast on the issue by harping on their twisted and false narratives and concocted lies to deceive the people. This is where NTF-ELCAC comes in- to debunk these vicious anti-government propaganda in order to protect public interest.

Ending this CPP curse is the main mandate of NTF ELCAC and this time we will not mince words to establish the CPP's clear exploitation of this issue.

This has clearly become an NTF ELCAC issue.

We empathise with the workers, suppliers, clientele, and the viewing public of ABS CBN and we are one with them in their struggles as government will find ways to extend assistance in this time of dire need.

We ask the Filipino people to remain one with us in ending this scourge that has held our country hostage for most of our lifetime and stopped us from being all that we can be as a nation.

We ask you to be more discerning and not be manipulated and dragged down the road that divides us.

We are not each other's enemies--however far off our beliefs are about the issue at hand.

We can stand on our shared ground of love for country and the desire to overcome and leave to our children a country finally free of this communist terrorist curse and more in keeping with all that it is we hold dear in our hearts.

Yes to press freedom.

Yes to the rule of law.

NO to CPP fake advocacy.

NO to CPP exploitation of a legal and business issue.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

Spokesperson, NTF ELCAC



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