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NTF ELCAC Statement Regarding the Endorsement of the KABAG Bloc of VP Leni Robredo As President

The National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict has been unstinting in telling the Filipino people the Truth; the ironically named Makabayan Bloc/KABAG Bloc is made up of urban operatives of the CPP NPA NDF who have managed to weasel their way into the House of Representatives by deceiving the Filipino people by not telling them who it they truly are: members of the terrorist CPP NPA NDF whose overarching goal is the destruction of government through violent means and the supplanting of our democracy with a failed and obsolete ideology: communism.

That they have officially endorsed Vice President Leni Robredo as their Presidential candidate means they are hoping to forge a strong alliance with the VP if she wins the Presidency to further their rotten agenda: the violent overthrow of government and the perpetuation of the sufferings of our people.

The CPP NPA NDF is now on its last throes of life - thanks to our government’s whole of nation approach via EO 70 and thanks even more to the Filipino people who have rallied behind government in ending this 53 year communist pestilence in our country.

If the VP accepts this endorsement, she is giving these communist terrorists the strength they badly and desperately need to once again sow grief and pain on our people.

And she would have conferred on this terrorist organization a veneer of legitimacy and respectability to continue and intensify their terrorist activities: the radicalization of our youth, their recruitment into the NPA fold, terrorist financing, kidnapping, human trafficking, the murder of innocent civilians, our indigenous peoples and of our men and women in uniform.

She does not even need to win as President.

It is enough that she accepts the endorsement of this terrorist organization.

Such is the power of the high office she holds.

If, however, she rejects the damnable endorsement of the communist terrorist CPP NPA NDF, she would have given the Filipino people a strong message that even though we may have differences in our political beliefs, the Vice President of the land will solidly stand in complete defense of the Filipino people- as she has sworn to do.

Either way, Leni Robredo will show very clearly to the Filipino people who it is she truly is: a faithful public servant worthy of our trust or a traitor to her own country and who must never get within striking distance of the presidency.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

NTF ELCAC Spokesperson on Sectoral Concerns



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