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On Chairman Emeritus of GABRIELA, Mary John Mananzan's ties to a communist terrorist group

Teddy Casiño, Carol Araullo and company don't have the courage for a face off with me or anyone in government because they know we have the goods on them and that Truth is on our side.

They just like to mouth platitudes and do black operations on you. Such cowardly hypocrites so thoroughly convinced they are decent and yet have brought so much grief and untold destruction on our country.

I am not intolerant of Mary John Mananzan's views. If she thinks Maria Ressa is the best thing since sliced bread, what do I care?

We are a democracy after all. Not communist like Carol and company strive for us to be.

What I am taking Mary John Mananzan to task is her close ties to a communist terrorist group. So close that she sounds as hateful and divisive as they do.

So close that she has been honored by them to be their LEADER FOR LIFE. Can you beat that?

What does it take to be Chairman Emeritus of GABRIELA- a front of the CPP NPA NDF? (For starters, their founder, Joma Sison, says so himself.)

What has Mary John Mananzan done that a front of this terrorist group would give her such an honor?

Why is Mary John Mananzan so closely allied to a group that has brought this country so much grief and destruction and that has, as its main goal the overthrow of government?

Does Mary John Mananzan agree with this group's communist ideology?

Why is she so enraged about a judge who upheld the rule of law and yet deathly silent about the outrage of children being recruited into the communist fold to fight a war calculated to bring down government?

Why has Mary John Mananzan bothered to write about Maria Ressa and not written one measly Facebook post about the thousands upon thousands of Filipino youth who lie buried in shallow graves across the land for having been deceived into joining the NPA?

Neither have Carol Araullo, Ted Casiño, and every single one I've accused of being members of the CPP.

No denials.

And certainly no denouncing what must be denounced by any decent human being: the inhumanity of the terrorist CPP NPA NDF.

Does she know all these or has she, like 80% of members of these above ground groups- been deceived into joining a group that pretends to be champions of democracy but are, in fact, communist terrorists who have one and only one goal: the violent destruction of government and the installation of that violent fascist ideology- communism- in our beloved Philippines?

I want to know, Mary John.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

NTF ELCAC Spokesperson



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