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On KABATAAN PARTYLIST slamming the President's offer of 2M bounty for every NPA terrorist caught

Contrary to the assertions made by Kabataan Party list, the President's offer of a 2 million peso bounty for every NPA commander caught makes perfect sense and is cost-effective in this time of a global pandemic.

While other countries need only deal with the overwhelming challenges of a deadly virus that has, thus far, infected over 4 million and claimed close to 300,000 lives globally and that has humanity teetering on the brink of extinction, the Philippines is the only country in the world that has to deal with terrorists on top of this lethal contagion.

Terrorists that, by the way, see this pandemic as nothing more than a golden opportunity to weaken government and then to meet its one and only endgoal which is the overthrow of government and the destruction of our democratic way of life- at whatever the cost may be- be it the collapse of our economy or an unbearable number of dead Filipinos.

We find it rich that, Kabataan, an organization fronting for the terrorist CPP NPA NDF and that has been the cause of massive grief of Filipino families by the deceptive seduction of our children into their obsolete and violent ideology and then as members of the New People's Army where thousands of our youth have died should be giving the President advice on how to best serve and protect the Filipino people.

A much beloved President and his administration who, by the way, 80% of Filipinos think are handling the Covid 19 situation well. (Gallup)

For this, we are grateful, humbled and inspired to serve the Filipino people even better.

This terrorist group, on the other hand, has relentlessly gotten in the way of government getting much needed help to its citizens with the theft of relief goods for the hungry and too, with the shameless murders of our men in uniform-our true heroes-who were killed when they went on foot to the hinterlands to distribute the social amelioration package for our impoverished countrymen.

This terrorist group, CPP NPA NDF, and its legal fronts continue to put the Filipino people in danger with their vicious lies and the sowing of fear and division at a time when what will save us is our strength and Unity as a people and the ability of our citizens to trust its government.

They who have done nothing but undermine and sabotage the many ways this government strives to protect its citizens ought to be tried in a law of court and when found guilty, thrown in prison where they belong.

This has already been set in motion and their day of reckoning is close at hand.

For now, government is fully focused on shepherding the Filipino people to safety and for which 2 million pesos per terrorist taken down is a pittance and well worth the protection it will definitely afford us.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy NTF ELCAC Spokesperson



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