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On Mayor Benjie Magalong’s Directives That Give Cover to the CPP NPA NDF Front KABATAAN Partylist

The recent unfortunate actions of Baguio Mayor Benjie Magalong has been a sober reminder to us at the task force that this fight to end this 53 year communist scourge is not a simple one because despite the existence of a task force that has clocked unprecedented gains in our fight to end this communist terrorist scourge, the fight continues on so many levels- including with those we thought were pillars of the Task Force.

That the very head of the Regional Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict of the Cordillera Autonomous Region and the Regional Peace and Order Council of the CAR now cavorts and gives protection to organizations (KABATAAN Partylist/Cordillera People’s Alliance) that he knows full well are fronts of the terrorist organization CPP NPA NDF and that he mouths dangerous lies he knows are used by this terrorist organization to lure our children to be violent extremists for the CPP NPA NDF and for which an unbearable number of them have died underscores the enormity of the challenge before us and it underscores too the betrayals the Filipino people suffer from the hands of the very people who are supposed to protect them.

Mayor Magalong’s recent directive to the police force of Baguio to forbid the posting of tarpaulins that speak the truth about KABATAAN- that it is a front of the CPP NPA NDF is in direct violation of our President’s directive and when posted in private property is a violation of the freedom of expression.

And so are his orders for them to take down these tarpaulins that educate our children about these deceitful partylist that asks our trust in the coming elections while at the same time lying to us about who it is they truly are.

Magalong also uses the term, redtagging, a weapon he fully knows is used by the CPP NPA NDF to silence anyone who speaks the truth about their deceitful fronts and that our courts including the Supreme Court have already clearly ruled: “there is no danger to life, liberty and security when one is identified as a member of the CPP NPA NDF”.

Mayor Magalong claims he is doing all that because he cares for our children- while at the same time lending his powerful protection to the terrorist CPP NPA NDF front, KABATAAN Partylist- the top recruiter of our children into the criminal NPA for which an UNBEARABLE number of them have died while fighting government troops and an even more UNBEARABLE number of them now lie in shallow unmarked graves across the country, lost to the mothers and fathers who, doubtless, searched the ends of the earth for them.

The tragedy to all these is Mayor Magalong is fully cognizant of all these.

Mayor, tamaan ka naman sana ng hiya sa ginagawa mo. Hindi na bale kung ang KABAG na mga urban operatives ng CPP NPA NDF ang nagsasabi ng mga pinagsasabi mo. Pero nanggagaling ang kasinungalingan na ito sa pinuno ng RTF ELCAC CAR/ RPOC CAR, dating Heneral ng PNP at graduate ng PMA.

Isang halal na opisyal na pinagkakatiwalaan ng mga magulang ng Baguio.

Mayor, sa ngalan pati ng lampas 50,000 na mga pulis at sundalo na pinagpapatay ng CPP NPA NDF at ang mga pamilya nila, sana mahanap mo uli ang hiya at dangal mo.

The only silver lining to this betrayal by Mayor Magalong of not just the people of Baguio but the Republic of the Philippines is that he has made it exceedingly clear to our people why this communist terrorist scourge has lasted as long as it has: it’s not just because of the tenacious deceit of the terrorist CPP NPA NDF but also because of politicians like Mayor Magalong who participate in the deceit and who would put our children in harm’s way and who think nothing of continuing the grief, the bloodbath and the destruction of our country for their own selfish political gains.

Benjie Magalong is the angel of acrid necessity who brings to us the painful message of betrayal and he shows us who it is we must give our precious trust to.

Certainly not these unprincipled politicians whose political careers are littered with the bodies of our children.

Clearly Mayor Benjie Magalong is no Mayor Digong Duterte whose love for country can never be questioned and whose courage to defend and protect us from these terrorists is legendary and unparalleled.

We continue our fight to end what should have ended a very long time ago if there were more Digongs than Magalongs. And we ask that you link arms with us.

Our President’s time with us is fast running out.

But he has taught us so much. One of this is how the face of a true public servant looks like. Let us not forget its granite features: incorruptibility, great courage, great love for country.

In these coming elections, we ask our countrymen to elect into office these leaders who will lead us out of the morass of terrorism and into the light of a new day.

Magtulungan tayo, mga kababayan.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

NTF ELCAC Spokesperson For Sectoral Concerns



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