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On the AMLCs Freeze Order of UCCP Haran Assets

The NTF ELCAC applauds the Anti Money Laundering Council’s freeze order on four assets of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) Haran Center in Davao City for its involvement in terrorist financing.

Haran currently holds indigenous peoples who the CPP NPA NDF allege are victims of “militarization” and “military abuse” in their ancestral domains in Talaingod and Kapalong in Davao del Norte, Kitaotao and San Fernando in Bukidnon, Compostela in Davao de Oro and Arakan in North Cotabato. No such ‘militarization’ nor ‘military abuse’ exist however. This is a lie foisted on our indigenous brothers and sisters to scare them into leaving their homes and entering Haran.

At present there are around 200 indigenous peoples inside Haran (from as high as almost a thousand when this CPP-orchestrated evacuation started in 2013) and around 50 personalities identified with this communist terrorist group-affiliated legal organizations.

CTG fronts inside HARAN are the Pasakaday Salugpongan Kalumunan (PASAKA), the Trade Union Organizers under the Revolutionary Council of Trade Unions, KADAMAY, GABRIELA, SALUGPONGAN, CEGP, NUSP, LFS and KARAPATAN.

UCCP Haran also harbors within its walls personalities with outstanding warrants of arrest- Jong Monson, Jay Apiag and Lindy Trinilla.

The UCCP Haran is therefore the center of propaganda, education and recruitment by the terrorist CPP NPA NDF that have exploited a most vulnerable sector—our indigenous peoples-- for various revenue streams that include extortion, human trafficking, and fundraisers that scam local and international government and non-government organizations in the US and the EU.

It also serves as the convergence point for CTG- fronts and personalities.

UCCP Haran, in other words, functions as a hub where the CPP NPA NDF maintains logistics and conduct operations.

Here was were our indigenous brothers and sisters were herded by the thousands by CPP NPA NDF operatives.

Once there, were imprisoned and held against their wills. And this was where their living hell begun—under the diabolic machinations of the CPP NPA NDF fronts and the bishops of the UCCP.

Here is where their rights as human beings are violated on a daily basis.

Where there is no proper shelter to shield them and their children from the elements, no functioning comfort rooms to bathe and relieve themselves.

Where hunger and thirst are a daily specter that hang over them and their children.

Where indigenous people have committed suicide out of despair.

Where indigenous children have died and buried without any official notice given to City Hall. Just like dogs.

Here is where the training of indigenous children to be child warriors happens.

Where the communist doctrine of Hate is planted in the hearts of a most gentle and trusting people.

Where they have become fluent in the language of hate and mistrust towards government with lies fed to them on a regular basis by these communist terrorists. Here is where they have been taught how to kill fellow Filipinos and to believe the lie that the only solution to their problems is the violent overthrow of government.

This is their holding area before being herded like cattle in crowded vans where some of their children have died from suffocation—transported to Manila and other parts of the country to people anti-government protest rallies of the CPP NPA NDF fronts like Gabriela, ACT, KABATAAN, IBON, CEGP, BAYAN MUNA, KATRIBU, ANAKBAYAN, LFS, NUPL, NUJP, NUSP, etc

Here was where BAYAN MUNA Representatives Satur Ocampo and France Castro were about to dump the 14 Ata Manobo minors they had kidnapped had they not been caught red-handed and for which they now stand trial.

Here was where BAYAN MUNA Representative Eufemia Cullamat took the 19 indigenous children and trafficked them to another CPP NPA NDF holding area, the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT and where six members of the CPP NPA NDF face cases of kidnapping, human trafficking and serious illegal detention.

And were it not for the successful rescue of government operatives, those children would have gone missing for over three years.

Here was where BAYAN MUNA Representative Carlos Zarate blocked the indigenous people’s flight to freedom out of that hellhole that then-Congresswoman Nancy Catamco was fighting for.

Here was where they are treated like slaves, forced into servitude with no pay.

Here is where countless atrocities were committed against our indigenous peoples- aided and abetted on no small measure by the religious hierarchy of the United Church of Christ of the Philippines in collusion with the CPP NPA NDF.

UCCP Haran Bishop Hamuel Tequis and others now face a string of charges against them: three counts of child abuse, three counts of violations of the International Humanitarian Law, six counts of qualified human trafficking, child abuse.

And they were able to commit all these because of the flow of money that fueled their terrorist activities.

It has been a long and arduous journey for government and our indigenous brothers and sisters.

Because of the porous lines of terrorism, countering its financing is a huge step in ending the terrorist threat of not just our indigenous peoples, not just our country, but of the entire world.

It is for all these reasons that we are grateful for the big leap our country has taken today in ending communist terrorism because of this historic freeze order of the AMLC against the UCCP Haran, front and strong ally of the terrorist CPP NPA NDF.

This is a most fitting gift to the Filipino people on the eve of the 52nd anniversary of the violent extremist NPA: the Philippine government serving them notice that their days are numbered and that soon, they will pay for the unforgivable crimes they have committed against the Filipino people and that yes, genuine and lasting peace is but a heartbeat away.

Mabuhay ang Inang Pilipinas!

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

NTF ELCAC Spokesperson



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