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On the Death of Ka Ruben Guevarra

The NTF ELCAC, together with the entire Filipino nation, mourns the passing of Ka Ruben Guevarra.

I suppose we could remember him by the terrible sins he’d committed against the Filipino people as one of the founding fathers of the communist terrorist organization, CPP NPA NDF or as Head of the brutal and inhumane CPP Military Commission or as a ruthless Central Committee member of the CPP NPA NDF. 

Because he was all that.

A man who created with his own hands a monster that ate our children whole and brought untold suffering to our people: mothers cradling the dead bodies of children they bore, the murder of thousands upon thousands of our indigenous peoples, the destruction of our beloved country.

And then at some point in his life, Ruben Guevarra ceased to be all that.

And became what he was to us and the Filipino people.

He was Light.

He was Courage.

He was Guide to those of us who scrambled in the dark at the web of lies and deceit of this terrorist organization.

A formidable ally who led in smashing the monster he himself created.

And if there is anything that Ruben Guevarra’s life has taught us, it is this: that no man is irredeemable if he can find the strength and the courage to face himself and then to burn to the ground the monster he’d become, gather the ashes and make of himself a living sacrifice to undo the great harm he had caused and to heal the wounds he himself had inflicted on our people.

If what Carl Jung says is true, that “As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light ”, then Ka Ruben had certainly bowed out of this earth having fulfilled his purpose in flaming magnificence.

And before doing so, he had bequeathed to the NTF ELCAC a most powerful weapon: the sparkling and immovable TRUTH. 

And he taught us how to wield this weapon well:

With fearlessness.

With nobility.

And with great love for our Country.

Maraming salamat, Ka Ruben. Hindi ka namin makakalimutan.

You will live on in the hearts of Filipinos.

Someday soon, when (not if) we have put these communist terrorist bastards behind bars and after we have made them pay for each and every crime they have committed against the Filipino people, when the peace that has eluded us is finally ours,we will look at our flag, flying free.

And in that moment, we will remember you, Ka Ruben, and the light you shone on us in one of the darkest hours in our country’s history.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

Spokesperson, NTF ELCAC



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