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On the Termination of Sison’s Asylum in the Netherlands

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

We appeal to the Netherlands Government to expel Joma Sison together with his co-terrorists.

The State of the Netherlands has provided Joma Sison and the ruling members of the terrorist group CPP-NPA-NDF [National Democratic Front] a sanctuary and a staging ground in Utrecht, Netherlands, to propagate their senseless war of terror and aggression against the government and the Filipino people.

They use landmines forbidden under international law. And their legal fronts sabotage development through obstructionist policies. All of these have the blessings or direction of Sison.

We know and believed that the Netherlands is a state that pushes humanitarian actions and which has been wrongfully deceived by Joma Sison and his co-conspirators.

Now is the time to expel these terrorists from their sanctuary. They have brought so much hate, manipulation, death, and destruction to our society and our lives while evading prosecution.

These terrorist enablers pass themselves off as victims, feigning persecution and harassment by our government. But they attack the peaceful lives of the Filipino people from the safety of Europe.



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