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Raoul Manuel should exercise Prudence in his Public Pronouncements

Raoul Manuel should exercise Prudence in his Public Pronouncements

In a video clip in one of the media engagements by KABATAAN Party List Representative-elect Raoul Manuel, he was quoted saying that he is calling for the abolition of the NTF-ELCAC, citing reasons such as, "sayang ang pera ng bayan", and once again for the nth time, he mentions "red-tagging". He also reiterated his call that the cases filed against the NTF-ELCAC officials must be pursued. He mentions that the cases against the NTF-ELCAC officials is based on the alleged acts of "red-tagging".

We express our dismay and disappointment at the level of Raoul Manuel's lack of knowledge and understanding on the tasks, functions, and objectives of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict.

We express our grave concern on his repeated use and parroting of the term red-tagging which in all respects is a misnomer and is not even a legally accepted term under Philippine laws.

We ask Raoul Manuel to abandon his narrow minded perception of the NTF-ELCAC and acknowledge the undeniable FACT that the NTF-ELCAC has achieved so much in so little time in terms of addressing the root causes of insurgency.

The CPP-NPA-NDF is at the twilight of its existence, soon to fade into oblivion. The NTF-ELCAC will make sure of that.

Every peace loving Filipino aspires to see the end of the local communist armed conflict.

Ang tanong po namin kay Raoul Manuel,

Do you also share our collective goal of ending the CPP-NPA-NDF and their allied front organizations?

A simple Yes or No question Mr. Raoul Manuel of the Kabataan Party List.

If your answer is Yes;

Then condemn publicly the atrocities committed by the CPP-NPA-NDF against our youth and our children.

If your answer is No;

Then, by all means, read again your oath of office. Remember you swore allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines and to obey its laws,

an oath which makes you responsible to protect this country from all enemies, the CPP-NPA-NDF included.

As to your wish to abolish the NTF-ELCAC,

continue your nightmare Raoul Manuel because the NTF-ELCAC is here to stay.

We exist to serve the needs of the poorest of the poor among our people.

We bridge the gaps between the bureaucracy and thr communities.

We bring peace to conflict stricken communities.

We seek to end the CPP-NPA-NDF terrorist organization and all their allied front organizations.

The NTF-ELCAC is not merely a task force.

It is the FORCE that will bring a just and lasting peace to our people.

The NTF-ELCAC is Good Governance in Action.

You do not abolish good governance Mr Raoul Manuel.

Know that you are an elected public official. You have sworn an oath. Do not betray that oath.

Flosemer Chris Gonzales

Acting Spokesperson for Legal Affairs, NTF-ELCAC

June 21, 2022



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