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Former Makabayan Bloc Representative Teddy Casiño explains why he and his comrades in the CPP NPA NDF, Carlos Zarate/Eufemia Cullamat/Ferdinand Gaite of BAYAN MUNA Partylist, Arlene Brosas of GABRIELA, Sarah Elago of KABATAAN PARTYLIST and France Castro of Alliance of Concerned Teachers-Philippines will not condemn the horrific atrocities done on the Filipino people for the past 52 years by the CPP NPA NDF.

He tweets, “How can we denounce a movement that fights for nationalism and socialism? We might not be part of their armed struggle but we recognize and respect them as a revolutionary movement of oppressed peoples and classes.”

It cannot get any clearer than this.

Right there in Congress are Representatives who got there by lying to the Filipino people and by not disclosing the truth to the Filipino people: that they are, in fact, high ranking party members of the CPP NPA NDF Central Committee and who, despite the outcry for them to denounce the inhumanities done on Filipino people by the CPP NPA NDF, refused to do so.

Thanks to Ka Teddy, we now know why.

For the Makabayan Bloc, the recruitment of our children to become NPAs, where they’re taught to kill fellow Filipinos, burn private and government equipment, destroy bridges, govt property, economic sabotage of our country, the rape of our girls and boys by NPA commanders, the RELENTLESS killing of our tribal leaders, the GENOCIDE of our indigenous peoples, the loss of Filipino lives we can no longer count by the hand of the CPP NPA NDF, the targeting of our youth and IP sector, the deliberate and methodical destruction of our country—CRIMES THAT CRY TO THE HEAVENS FOR VENGEANCE—all these for the Makabayan Bloc is ‘nationalism and socialism’.

(Why they can’t say what it is they really mean—‘communism’ -- is beyond me.)

Not only are these crimes NOT a big deal to Teddy, Carlos, Sarah, Eufemia, Ferdinand, Arlene and France but something they APPLAUD.

What has caused our people untold grief, what has made countless mothers weep copious tears, what has terrified our indigenous peoples into submission by the assassination of their tribal leaders—these merit a “Good Job!” with Teddy Casiño and the Makabayan Bloc.

And that the armed component of the CPP NPA NDF, the New People’s Army—the very ones who massacred 39 Manobos as they peacefully worshipped in Rano, Digos, women and children included, the ones who killed as yet an undetermined number of Filipinos, the ones who have caused so much destruction in our country, raped our young– these terrorists, in the eyes of the Makabayan Bloc – are ‘revolutionaries’ that they “recognize and respect”.

Ka Teddy, high ranking party member of the CPP NPA NDF, romanticizes this terrorist group via Twitter, toxic playground of millennials, for one main purpose: to deceive even more of our children to join this violent extremist group where an unbearable number of them have died violent deaths and now lie in unmarked graves where their parents can no longer find them.

This is the obscenity of Teddy Casiño and the Makabayan Bloc: that they goad other people’s children to join battles they themselves will never dirty their hands with—and while keeping their own children safe in enclaves of the rich like Teddy’s son in La Salle Greenhills and Caloy Zarate’s Europe-traipsing son.

And this is one lie that stands out in Ka Teddy’s tweet: “We might not be part of their armed struggle…”—effectively distancing the Makabayan Bloc from the New People’s Army when in truth they are one and the same.

The CPP, NPA and NDF are 3 departments that form one deadly unit.

Their functions differ: from the New People’s Army as its armed component, the National Democratric Front in charge of its legal cover by way of fronts like IBON, KARAPATAN, GABRIELA, ACT, BAYAN MUNA, LFS, ANAKBAYAN, RURAL MISSIONARIES OF THE PHILIPPINES, CORDILLERA PEOPLE’S ALLIANCE, etc and the Communist Party of the Philippines that is the brains of the whole outfit—tagakumpas so that they all march in unison towards their endgoal of the collapse of government and the installation of communism in our country.

Therefore EACH AND EVERY NPA atrocity committed on our people emanates from the Central Committee of the CPP—of which Teddy Casiño, Carlos Zarate, Sarah Elago, Arlene Brosas, Eufemia Cullamat, Ferdinand Gaite, France Castro play a most active part being some of its most hardcore members.

So no, Teddy, Carlos, Sarah, Arlene, Eufemia, Ferdinand, France, you don’t get to wash your hands off the horrible crimes of the New People’s Army.

And you don’t get to dance on the graves of children who marched to their early deaths because of the careful traps you set for them like this obscene twit full of lies written by a predator of the CPP NPA NDF Central Committee official, Teddy Casiño, someone who has stolen the brave dreams and bright futures of so many of our youth while shielding his children from his obscenity—one obscenity heaped up on another.

There will be a day of Reckoning. And it will be sooner than later.

Mark that on the graves of Filipino children you helped lure to their early deaths, Teddy.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

Spokesperson, NTF ELCAC



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