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RTF-ELCAC6 Statement Calling Out the US Senators

The eleven U.S. Senators asking for the condemnation of the alleged "pattern of human rights abuses" by the Duterte administration are ignorant of the facts and harsh realities on the ground.

Their call for condemnation is also a manifestation of the height of hypocrisy by these 11 U.S. politicians.

Admittedly, no other administration in the history of the Republic of the Philippines has taken on the drug cartels in this country head on. Of the four aspects of the illegal drug trade, only the Duterte administration has waged an anti drug war that effectively dismantled the long existing drug trade structures of narco politics, narco judiciary, narco economics, and narco communities. What seemed to be impossible was made possible by this administration. I can attest to this because I am a part of this anti drug war as a trial prosecutor on the ground. The anti drug war suffered minor setbacks when the plea bargaining system in drug cases was implemented by the courts per the guidelines issued by no less than the Supreme Court. But even then, the gains made by this administration's anti drug war will have a long term beneficial effect to generations of Filipinos who shall come after us.

The 11 U.S. Senators do not understand this fact. Their biased and myopic opinion of the Philippines' anti drug campaign is a product of bad research, biased media reporting, and lack of serious discernment.

The irony of this is the undeniable fact that these Senators cannot even condemn the human rights violations committed by racists in the U.S. or the interference and meddling of the U.S. in the internal affairs of other sovereign states.

Most of all, do not forget the human rights violations committed by the U.S. of A against Filipinos during the Filipino- American war and during the colonization of the Philippines by the U.S. of A.

We have not forgotten that.

Instead of undermining the gains made by Filipinos against the illegal drugs trade, why not condemn the Mexican and the Colombian drug cartels who smuggle drugs into the U.S. and other countries?

Why not condemn human trafficking?

Why not condemn the CPP-NPA-NDF for their murders and recruitment of children as child warriors?

Why not condemn racial discrimination?

Why condemn a sovereign government for doing its job? What gave you the right to criticize something that you have no knowledge and understanding of?

The answer is simple, you are all perched up in your ivory towers that you do not know, feel, see, undestand, and experience the fear of living in a society where drugs proliferate, and drug related crimes are rampant. You are not in our shoes, so shut the hell up with your self righteous indignation and hypocrotical call for condemnation of our efforts to reclaim our communities from the clutches of the drug cartels and the communist terrorist groups. If you cannot do the same in your own backyard, then do not undermine us because we can.

Stay off our sovereign affairs, you 11 Senators of the U.S. of A. Your opinions do not count because you do not know what you are talking about.

Assistant Provincial Prosecutor Flosemer Chris Gonzales

Spokesperson, RTF6-ELCAC



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