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These are the undisputed and undeniable facts.

The CPP-NPA Terrorist Organization recruits children and exploits them into becoming armed fighters. Many of these children are from the various indigenous cultural communities. Some are from

the far-flung hinterland barangays. Many come from state universities and colleges. Several of these recruits who later on became full time NPA members were either killed in encounters or were captured.

Many chose to give up the lost cause and surrendered to state forces. They were eventually reunited with their families and were able to live peacefully in their communities.

Relissa Lucena believes that her child AJ is not in a safe environment. Relissa Lucena is convinced that she lost her daughter AJ to an ideology that may endanger her life. She is hurt when her own daughter disowned her publicly. Despite the humiliation and the pain, Relissa struggled to have her daughter back.

Nothing can stop a mother driven by love for her child.

No force is greater than a mother's love for her child.

This is something that we understand. This is something that we value. This is something that will always remain constant and true. A mother's love.

AJ may argue that she has a life of her own and that she can choose what to do with her life. In fact, AJ and her colleagues may even lecture RELISSA on emancipation, on freedom of thought, expression, the right to peaceful assembly. They can even submit a powerful argument on how to be not grateful to one's own parents just becauae they are old enough to do whatever they want.


They can never stop a Mother from loving her child.

Relissa Lucena, and many other mothers like her, are embracing an advocacy of peace, driven by their love for their children. And for this, we empathize with them.

We believe that in time, Relissa Lucena will be vindicated.

We can only hope and we can only pray that all Filipino children who have gone astray will be granted enlightenment and will see the futility and hopelessness of the lost cause that they have romanticized.

It is our conviction that any ideology that destroys the fabric of the Filipino family and exploits our youth is an ideology that has no place in our communities.

We call on all peace loving families and communities in Western Visayas and the rest of the country to empathize with Relissa Lucena, a mother who lost a daughter, but continues to hope that one day, her love for her daughter will prevail.

Assistant Provincial Prosecutor Flosemer Chris Gonzales

Spokesperson, RTF6-ELCAC



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