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Statement of Major General Pio Diñoso III on NPA Attack in Eastern Samar, July 7, 2021

The continuous use of members of the terrorist NPAs of anti-personnel mines that have been banned since 1997 is a blatant violation of the International Humanitarian Law and displays the true nature of the CPP NPA NDF: lawless terrorists and cowards who attack unarmed soldiers and off-duty CAFGU active auxiliaries doing non-combat duties.

For this, they deserve our highest level of condemnation.

This recent attack is a desperate act of these terrorists as the campaign to defeat them has reached an irreversible stage. With their backs against the wall, it is expected they will resort to their old barbaric ways.

However, I assure the people in Eastern Visayas that our campaign using the whole-of-nation approach to end communist insurgency is very effective and on track. Let this small setback further strengthen our resolve to finally put an end to the CPP NPA NDF and make the region attain the just and lasting peace it aspires for.

With that, our soldiers' ultimate sacrifices will not be in vain.

Major General Pio Diñoso III

Commander, 8th Infantry Division,

Philippine Army



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