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Statement of the RTF6-ELCAC on the Lies Perpetrated by the CPP Information Bureau

Updated: May 23, 2021

In a desperate and pathetic move, the CPP-NPA information bureau issued a press statement boasting that their "red fighters", referring of course to their dwindling communist terrorist operators supposedly killed 5 soldiers and wounded another 5 in an ambush on May 15, 2021 at Miagao, Iloilo.

They further stated that the supposed ambush is a reprisal and retribution for the alleged deaths of their comrades.

The CPP-NPA (MIS)INFORMATION BUREAU once again reared its ugly head when it lied on the following points, to wit:

  1. On the supposed ambush

  2. On the death of 5 soldiers

  3. On the wounding of 5 soldiers

  4. On the alleged tip given by civilians to them

The truth is,

  1. There was no ambush on May 15, 2021. Civilians who are sick and tired of the CPP-NPA informed 61st IB troops of the presence, location, and whereabouts of the communist terrorist temporary lair.

  2. During the firefight, one soldier was wounded by shrapnel from an anti-personnel mine.

  3. No soldier was killed.

  4. The CPP-NPA did not declare their casualties.

  5. The CPP-NPA lost the support of the masses in Miagao, and in the area of the dwindling terrorist Southern Front of KR-Panay.

The CPP-NPA continues to peddle lies and deceits to create a make-believe reality for the purpose of their deceptive recruitment and to portray a pseudo victory image for their fund generation activities abroad.

Yet, the FACT remains, the CPP-NPA are losing ground. They are losing the support of the masses. They have lost entire fronts, mass bases, barangay party committees, armed members, financial sources, political allies, and have lost their credibility on the war of public sympathy.

The only place where the CPP-NPA is winning is in the imaginary world created by Marco Valbuena of their Misinformation Bureau.

For us, and for the rest of peace loving Filipinos, the CPP-NPA is on its final lap towards extinction.

Flosemer Chris Gonzales

Spokesperson, RTF6-ELCAC




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