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The NTF ELCAC is deeply saddened that fiercely anti-CPP NPA NDF partylist groups- notably SAMBAYANAN and EPANAW- were not given accreditation by the COMELEC while at the same time giving accreditation to partylist groups the NTF ELCAC has clearly identified as fronts of the terrorist group: KABATAAN AND GABRIELA.

We have filed cases for disqualification against these CPP party list groups and have therefore provided incontrovertible proof that KABATAAN Partylist and GABRIELA Partylist are fronts of the terrorist organization CPP NPA NDF that have brought so much death and destruction to our people.

These include powerful personal testimonies of victims and their families of deceitful recruitment of GABRIELA and KABATAAN of our children as violent extremists of the NPA where an unbearable number of them have died at such tender ages and such violent circumstances.

These also include direct testimonies of former CPP NPA NDF founders, cadres and operatives as well as documentary evidence seized by the AFP and the PNP in their numerous operations for the past 52 years.

It is unfortunate that while the vast majority of our people are already awake and know the clear truth about these groups, it seems the Keeper of the integrity and sanctity of our votes, the COMELEC, has remained ignorant and/or apathetic.

We therefore ask the Filipino people to join us as we condemn this unfortunate decision of the COMELEC that once again, puts our children and our nation in serious peril.

And we ask that they demand that the COMELEC do the right thing: disqualify the CPP NPA NDF-created party list groups so that they may never again harm our people and our democratic way of life by infiltrating the very government they wish to destroy.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

Spokesperson for Sectoral Concerns, National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict

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