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CPP-NPA-NDF operative, Carlos Zarate, finds issue with the coverage of the PCOO of the recent PDP Laban meeting.

He thinks it is “an unabashed display of impunity using government time and resources for clearly partisan political activity aimed at pandering to the whims of President Duterte to escape accountability and extend his tyrannical influence, control and power beyond June 30, 2022.”

There is a simple explanation to the PCOO’s coverage of this event and it is this: it is our job to cover all events the President of the Republic graces with his presence.

This faithful coverage of our President has made Pres Rodrigo R. Duterte the most visible president in our country’s history.

It has also made him the most trusted public servant in his Administration with unprecedented trust and approval ratings that can only be the envy of leaders all over the world.

The Filipino people trust him because they know him. And they know him because the PCOO covers his every move, his every utterance so that we know who he is and what he stands for.

Can Zarate say the same for himself and his comrades in Congress – the Makabayan a.k.a NPA Bloc?

If media were to follow Jose Maria Sison’s faithful minions around – Zarate, Gaite, Cullamat of BAYAN MUNA, Elago of KABATAAN, Brosas of GABRIELA and Castro of ACT, will the Filipino people give them their trust and approval like they did our President?

Fat chance.

And it will be because they will see how these CPP-NPA-NDF operatives in Congress have enabled the most unforgivable crimes against the most helpless among us: our indigenous peoples, the poor and our children.

They will, for instance, see France Castro and Satur Ocampo hastily shoving in a van 14 Ata Manobo children in Talaingod – WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE ATA MANOBO TRIBE AND THEIR PARENTS. And for which they now stand trial.

They will understand why Eufemia Cullamat has been declared PERSONA NON GRATA by her own tribe and ALL tribes of the CARAGA Region because, together with Zarate and all members of the NPA Bloc in Congress – she made possible the most heinous of crimes against the indigenous peoples.

Rape, murder, radicalization, recruitment and the training of minors to be child warriors, human trafficking, kidnapping, child abuse, slavery, terrorist financing.

They will see Eufemia Cullamat head a delegation of 19 indigenous minors kidnapped from Mindanao and brought to the University of San Carlos in Cebu City for the express goal of turning them into political cadres of the CPP-NPA-NDF.

The list goes on and on. Those are just a handful from these Representatives of the CPP-NPA- NDF, I’m sorry to tell you.

So really what Zarate accuses the PCOO of is something the NPA Bloc is not only guilty of but of which they are experts in: the brazen misuse and abuse of government time and resources to undermine and weaken government and bring great suffering and pain to our people.

And if we are so lucky to have such a singular President make an extended bid for public office beyond June 30, 2022, it will be the Filipino people who will decide if they will give their sacred trust to him one more time.

Unfortunately for the ones who have the audacity to call themselves “Makabayan”, it will be the Filipino people too who will decide their fate on May 2022.

Already, we at the NTF ELCAC feel that the people stands solidly with us in our endeavor to rid our beloved country of this 52 year communist scourge.

And we are ceaseless in working so that the shadow of the terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF will never again darken the halls of Congress and that we would have purged ourselves of the toxic presence of communist terrorism by 2022.

Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

Undersecretary, Presidential Communications Operations Office,

Spokesperson for Social Media and Sectoral Concerns, NTF ELCAC



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