Statement Regarding the Alliance of Health Workers

The Alliance of Health Workers is a front of the CPP NPA NDF and the amusing gimmick of trying to strip me of my medical license is just another attempt to harass and silence NTF ELCAC through me, one of its Spokespersons, from telling the truth about the fronts of this terrorist organization- such as AHW which has done nothing but undermine and chip away at the sincere and highly successful services of government.

Of recent note is the 83% approval rating our countrymen have given govt in the handling of the pandemic- this, despite the constant sabotaging by the AHW of government efforts to care and protect our people all throughout this trying period in humanity’s history- more so at the height of the pandemic.

I expected nothing less from a front of this terrorist organization that uses the majority of its members - noble frontliners- who have no idea that they have been deceived into joining a front of a terrorist organization who, if they will not leave it now, will bring them nothing but great harm.

The government is hard at work in ending the 53 year communist terrorist scourge that has brought nothing but death and destruction to our country.

And we have already won this monumental battle.

25,200 terrorists have peacefully laid down their arms and gone back into the fold of the law. 25,200 Filipinos have stopped killing fellow Filipinos. Out of 68 guerrilla fronts, 51 have been totally dismantled and the rest are in various stages of dismantling.

Good governance - the only thing that will end this as spelled out to us by our President, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, has made a landfall and is fully operational in the poorest, most remote Barangays in our country where farm to market roads, school houses, health centers etc have been built and are being built.

The end has come for the CPP NPA NDF. Finally.

And all they are left with are their frantic efforts to raise funds, recruit unwitting Filipinos into joining a war they’ve already lost and the mad and desperate scramble to get back into power so they can, once again, bring death and destruction to our people.


Then he clearly admonished, “WAG NYO IBOTO.”

So now we would like to sound this clear appeal to members of the ALLIANCE OF HEALTH WORKERS, a front of the terrorist organization CPP NPA NDF, to disaffiliate themselves from this terrorist front that will teach them the toxic language of hate and mistrust towards government and who will bring them to the point of hopeless despair where they believe the lie that the only solution to the ills of society is the violent overthrow of government.

Tapusin na natin ang salot na ito.

Magtulungan tayo.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

Spokesperson for Social Media Affairs and Sectoral Concerns


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