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RTF6-ELCAC asks senators to support the Barangay Development Program

The most effective way of ending the local communist armed conflict is to bring basic services and infrastructure projects to far-flung barangays.

The NTF-ELCAC has undertaken the task of bringing the much needed funds to these conflict stricken barangays thru the Barangay Development Program. This translates to 20 million pesos allocated to CTG cleared barangays for the purpose of providing basic services and infrastructures to improve the quality of life of the people in said areas.

Unfortunately, some Senators are opposed to this program. They are driven by their desire to discredit this government, by their political agenda, by their dislike of the President, and by their unreasonable and childish animosity to LtGen Jun Parlade.

In their personal vendetta against LtGen Parlade, they lost sight of the bigger picture and has jeopardized the implementation of the Barangay Development Program which is a program aimed at improving the lives of millions of Filipinos in the countryside.

It is about time, that these Senators, think outside of themselves and consider the greater good.

It is high time that they start asking themselves,

"What can I do to help in ending the local communist armed conflict?"

For some of them, the proper question would be,

"Have i done something to help in the government's campaign against the communist terrorist groups?"

These Senators must realize that there are bigger concerns in this country than thinking of ways to discredit, villify, and derail the efforts of this government to put an end to the 52 year old communist terrorist insurgency.

The Honorable Members of the Philippine Senate must rise above personal interests, political party affiliations, and their egos,

for the sake of the people of this Country whom they swore an oath to serve and to protect and most particularly, to the people in the barrios who need the presence, the preferential attention, and the help of this government.

The men and women of RTF6-ELCAC reiterates our commitment to the pursuit of lasting peace by bringing the government to the grassroots level thru the Barangay Development Program for the purpose of Ending the Local Communist Armed Conflict.

Flosemer Chris Gonzales

Spokesperson, RTF6-ELCAC




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