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The Revolution Falters: The Left in Philippine Politics after 1986

Patricio N. Abinales, Revolution Falters: The Left in Philippine Politics after 1986, Southeast Asia Program Publications, 1996. Official Page:

"The Revolution Falters: The Left in Philippine Politics after 1986" delves deeply into the trajectory of the leftist movement in the Philippines following the People Power Revolution of 1986. Penned by Patricio N. Abinales and Donna J. Amoroso, this insightful book offers a thorough examination of the challenges, setbacks, and transformations experienced by the Philippine Left in the post-Marcos era.

Abinales and Amoroso meticulously dissect the diverse strands of leftist ideology and activism in the Philippines, encompassing the spectrum from the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) to various socialist, nationalist, and progressive organizations. They meticulously trace the evolution of these movements from their revolutionary fervor during the Marcos regime to their struggles for relevance and survival in the aftermath of authoritarian rule.

Through rigorous research and analysis, the authors illuminate the internal divisions, ideological debates, and strategic dilemmas that have beset the Philippine Left. They delve into the ramifications of state repression, internal purges, and ideological schisms on the cohesion and efficacy of leftist organizations, alongside their interactions with mainstream political forces and civil society.

Moreover, the book contextualizes the challenges confronting the Philippine Left within the broader framework of Philippine politics, society, and economy. It scrutinizes the influence of factors such as neoliberal globalization, political patronage, and elite consolidation on the political landscape, thus delineating the constraints faced by leftist mobilization and reform efforts.

In sum, "The Revolution Falters" provides a comprehensive and nuanced analysis of the intricacies of leftist politics in the Philippines post-1986. It offers invaluable insights into both the opportunities and obstacles encountered by the Philippine Left as it navigates the complex terrain of post-authoritarian democracy.



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