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Recruitment of Minors and Students

Since its establishment more than five decades ago, the CTG has recruited thousands of students from the youth sector to aid in the armed terrorist movement. 

From small-scale agitation in educational discussions up to full-fledged indoctrination and armed training in the mountains, survivor accounts and exposed documents present a clear picture of how the CTG systematically recruit and corrupt the youth.

The 7-Step Indoctrination Plan

1. Mass Demonstrations

Through mass demonstrations and rallies, the CTG constantly cultivates an environment of discontent and agitation. From state university protests to mass-organized marches, the placards change, but the theme remains the same

2. Recruiters

Supported by their front organizations and parties, recruiters are planted in universities to scout for prospective recruits in the movement. They look for idealistic and aggressive youth that they can implant their ideals in.

3. Educational Discussions

Under the guise of seminars and group discussions, often referred to as Educational Discussions or EDs, the CTG regularly presents relatable issues to the student body in a manner which sows discontent and seditious sentiments. The students present and even some organizers of the EDs are often unaware of the pivotal role this plays in the recruitment for the NPA.


Taking the first steps into indoctrination, the CTG provides Aralin Aktibista (ARAK) and Maikling Kurso sa Lipunan ng Rebolusyons Pilipino (MKLRP) talks and lectures to further the agitation of the youth.

The contents of the lectures vary depending on the time, but the message is the same: the only way to solve this country's problems is to take up arms.

5. Invitation to Protests

Supplanted by propaganda, the students are invited to join and lead the mass protests themselves, promoting the perception that they are becoming part of a movement, despite being uninformed of the history of the banner they march under.

6. Immersion

After leading the protests, the students who have been agitated to their limit are extended an invitation to join community immersions, where they are told they will meet and get to help the communities they rally for.

Upon accepting, they are brought to IP/CC communities that have already been subjugated by the NPA, and fully indoctrinated to join the armed movement. Trained to handle weapons and taught the ways of guerilla warfare, they are made to leave their university life behind them, and take up arms with the terrorists.

7. Comrade

Now too deep in at this point, the students are no longer part of the noble movement they believed they were supporting, but full-fledged communist terrorists, fighting for the violent overthrow of government and the establishment of a communist system in the country. 

Given new names and taught to forget their past life, they have now been successfully indoctrinated in the terrorist movement.

Almost none make it home.

Remembering the Victims

Over the past five decades, thousands of students have been deceived into joining the terrorist movement. Some make it back and are rehabilitated, but many die in armed conflict or internal killings of the NPA. 


Videos recovered show how deeply indoctrinated some youth may become. The students in the video presented in 2019 are now either deceased or missing persons.

Hands Off Our Children is a community organization led by parents of students subverted by the NPA. Learn more about their stories here.


Rona Manalo


Died in Armed Encounter


Rendell Cagula

UP Mindanao

Kabataan, LFS

Died in Armed Encounter


Jo Lapira

UP Manila

Gabriela Youth

Died in Armed Encounter


John Carlo Capistrano

UP Los Baños

Kabataan, Anakbayan

Died in Armed Encounter


Marvin Christian Cruz

UP Visayas


Died in Armed Encounter

The faces of the most recent victims of the CTG's indoctrination. Convinced that the only solution to the country's problems is armed revolution, they lost their lives like many others in armed encounters with government forces.

Student activists for a noble cause turned violent by the CTG's hand; this cycle will continue until the youth is made aware of the deceitful systems and the recruitment is brought to an end.

Several mothers of minors allegedly recruited by leftist groups  turned emotional when they faced a Senate hearing on Wednesday. Among them were Jovita Antoniano, Relissa Lucena, and Luisa Espina, who narrated  before the Senate committee on public order and dangerous drugs the pain of being abandoned by their children, who joined  leftist groups like Anakbayan.


 Four rebel returnees and surrenderees testify before the Senate as it looks into alleged missing activists.  Testimonies surfaced regarding the nature of the recruitment within the ranks of left-leaning political parties such as the Makabayan block, and its involvement with the New People's Army. 

Courtesy: CNN Philippines

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