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On "Red-Tagging"

November 19, 2023

Simply put, we need to continue to expose the truth about the duplicitous nature of certain organizations and personalities connected with the Communist Terrorist Groups (CTGs)..... in order to provide the Filipino people an opportunity to exercise their right to an informed choice... a choice that would not lead them to harm themselves, their families and the communities where they live in. If we, in the government, will not do these, we would be remiss in our constitutional mandate in protecting the people.

If in our performance of such duties one feels violated, there are existing legal mechanisms that they can always resort to.

Now, if we go along with the CTGs branding and narrative on "red-tagging" we might be unconsciously aiding their effort to dishearten or silence those who are passionate and courageous enough among us in exposing the CTGs deception to further their armed revolution.

We are in a propaganda war against the CTGs, and the best way to win this war is to tell the truth!

The final battle against the CTGs would not be fought in the hinterlands, it will be fought in the urban areas! Not with guns and bullets this time, but with the HEART to genuinely protect the people, and with the MIND to pursue inclusive development!

With the help and understanding of peace-loving Filipinos, this can be done... and be done soon!

USec Ernesto Torres Jr

Exec Director, National Secretariat



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