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NTF ELCAC Response to Kamatayan Bloc’s Threat to Block Its Budget

High ranking party members of the CPP NPA NDF Arlene Brosas and Carlos Zarate have taken issue with me because I said that the NTF ELCAC aims to take out the Joma Sison Bloc from Congress. They have both threatened to block the budget of the NTF ELCAC because of this.

First of all, that money is not yours, Ka Arlene and Ka Kaloi. It is the Filipino people’s—and they are sick and tired of the terrorist organization you are part of and would like nothing more than to have it stricken off the face of the earth.

Second, did these stooges of Joma Sison fail to note that NTF ELCAC stands for “National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict”, not “National Task Force to Promote Communist Terrorism”?

We are therefore here to end over 52 years of grief and suffering brought on the Filipino people by the CPP NPA NDF terrorists that Arlene Brosas, Carlos Zarate and their 4 other comrades in Congress—SARAH ELAGO, EUFEMIA CULLAMAT, FRANCE CASTRO, FERDINAND GAITE—give powerful cover to and enable so that some of the most grievous crimes on the Filipino people are committed.

Including the murder of Kieth Absalon.

The same terrorists who have murdered an untold number of our indigenous brothers and sisters. And who have brought so much grief and suffering to our people.

And they have provided cover for terrorist fronts that enable the radicalization and recruitment of our children into violent extremism.

Even in the murder of Kieth Absalon, they have remained relentlessly focused and totally devoid of shame in using the death of this gifted athlete –to further the goals of the CPP NPA NDF by manipulating government to go to the table for another round of that sarcastically named ‘peace talks’ that are so bereft of sincerity that we might as well call it what it is: piss talks.

Our President has already spoken, mga Kas. There will not now or ever be- while he sits as President—any peace talks with you liars. So you can kiss that terrorist pipe dream goodbye.

The Philippine government pisses on your phoney piss talks that we entered into with complete sincerity while your side made sure the body count of our men and women in uniform reached sky-high while we were talking peace.

Genuine peace talks continue on the local level so that over 14,000 have peacefully laid down their arms. The peace that has eluded our country is now at hand. No thanks to your phoney piss talks and thanks to NTF ELCAC.

As for you and the rest of the Kamatayan bloc blocking the budget of a Task Force that has accomplished unprecedented gains for our country and that is headed by no less than the President of the Republic of the Philippines, this is all that I can say to you.

You are not genuine members of the HOR. You are pretenders.

You got there by deceiving the Filipino people with the CPP NPA NDF’s elaborate sectoral block voting mechanism and by lying to the Filipino people about who you truly are: 6 of the most hardcore members of the CPP NPA NDF who can be counted on to meet the goals of this terrorist organization.

You do not represent the Filipino people.

You represent Joma Sison and the terrorist organization, the CPP NPA NDF.

My father was an honorable and incorruptible member of the House of Representatives who served our country faithfully and loved our people. Congress is deeply intertwined in my heart and soul.

I continue to hold faith that the vast majority of those who sit in Congress are the real Representatives and champions of the Filipino people and they will pass the budget of the Task Force mandated to end the suffering of the Filipino people with its courageous defense and protection of them.

You sully and dirty this venerable institution by your mere presence there.

You have enabled some of the most terrible and unspeakable crimes against the Filipino people by your grave misuse and abuse of power.

You do not belong there.

I live and work for the day when you, the leaders of this biggest crime syndicate in the country, will pay for all the blood crimes you have committed against the most helpless in our midst—our indigenous peoples, the children we have lost.

And Kieth Absalon—whose senseless and brutal murder has enraged and galvanized the entire nation against the terrorist CPP NPA NDF and its excesses so that even your traditional allies have spoken up and denounce what you protect.

From the Commission on Human Rights to Human Rights Watch to the House of Representatives and Senate and to every Filipino who now stand with the NTF ELCAC on our shared ground of rage and indignation at the dimming of this bright star, Kieth Absalon, by violent extremists who didn’t think it was enough to detonate an anti personnel mine on unarmed civilians but had to shoot Kieth at close range to bring home the message of terrorism that you espouse on the sacred floor of Congress.

It is the duty and moral obligation –not just of the NTF ELCAC—but of every Filipino to protect this venerated institution and make sure you and the rest of the NPA Bloc are taken out of it.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

NTF ELCAC Spokesperson on Social Media and Sectoral Concerns



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