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Sarah Elago is a high ranking party member of the CPP NPA NDF who is one of six Representatives of the CPP NPA NDF in Congress.

She, together with other Representatives (Carlos Zarate, France Castro, Ferdinand Gaite, Eufemia Cullamat, Arlene Brosas) are all members of the sarcastically named Makabayan Bloc, a legal front of the CPP NPA NDF that provides cover for this terrorist group while the above and below ground organizations work in deadly unison—to destroy our democracy and install COMMUNISM in our country.

This complaint of Elago against officials of the NTF ELCAC is not new or surprising to us—coming, as it does, on the heels of another notorious front’s, KARAPATAN’s, nuisance complaints against government and a templated response of the CPP NPA NDF to those in government who put in peril their legal fronts.

So they’ve invented a word, “redtagging” and use it to try to silence anyone who blows their cover. But our courts have spoken loud and clear and many times over.

In Karapatan Philippines, Rural Missionaries of the Philippines, Inc, GABRIELA, et al versus H.E. RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE, LORENZANA, PANELO, MADRIGAL, PARLADE, EGCO, BADOY, et al CA GR 00067-WRA,the Court of Appeals ruled:

“There is no evidence of extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests, malicious prosecutions and defamations. Verily, the petitioners’ bare allegations are not facts and do not have probative value to justify the issuance of the extraordinary writs. The broad generalizations BORDER ON THE CONTEMPTUOUS AND DO NOT DESERVE JUDICIAL ACTION.

Second, there was no evidence that the alleged killings and disappearances are on account of the victims’ membership in organizations tagged as legal fronts of the communist and terrorist groups.

Third, the supposed inclusion of petitioners’ names in the gallery of activists and communist rebels fails to demonstrate an actual threat to their life, liberty and security.”

Our Supreme Court has said the same thing. These claims of CPP NPA NDF fronts that having them identified as fronts of the CPP NPA NDF pose as dangers to their life, liberty and security are “EMPTY AVERMENTS” that WILL NOT PASS THE TEST OF SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE.

These legal fronts created by the National Democratic Front are an essential part in the CPP NPA NDF meeting their deadly goals because these fronts provide fresh recruits for the New People’s Army.

Sarah Elago, by way of the KABATAAN party list (ANAKBAYAN, League of Filipino Students), is in the forefront of the deceptive recruitment of our children into the armed component of this extremist group—the New People’s Army- where an unbearable number of them have wasted their lives and more tragically, have died painful, violent deaths as armed combatants.

The Pain and Suffering created by this one person alone—Sarah Elago—on Filipino mothers for the snatching away of our children is massive and UNFORGIVABLE.

The same can be said for all NPA Bloc Representatives in Congress. The grief and destruction they have caused our People are immeasurable and the losses, irreplaceable and for which THEY MUST BE EXPELLED FROM CONGRESS.

Like each and every Representative of the Joma Sison Bloc, Elago is not in Congress to do legislative work that will redound to the benefit of the Filipino people but to push forward the CPP NPA NDF agenda and this is the weakening of government that will mean more suffering for the Filipino people and the inability of our country to move forward.

And Sarah Elago, the Recruiter of Death, lies to our precious children, makes them forget their beautiful dreams and teaches them the Doctrine of Hate that leads them to the NPA lair where they become violent extremists.

This nuisance, templated complaint of this high ranking party member of the CPP NPA NDF and minion of top terrorist, Joma Sison, doesn’t even figure in the cost of what we, at the NTF ELCAC, willingly pay to do what it takes to end this 52 year scourge and finally set our country free.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

Spokesperson, NTF ELCAC


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