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Edre Olalia claims I was wrong when I said that the Supreme Court ruled that the terrorist tool to silence those who tell the truth about the CPP NPA NDF, “redtagging”, is non-existent.

He says it’s not true that our Supreme Court says there is no danger to life, liberty and security when one is identified as a member of the CPP NPA NDF.

Except that this is exactly what our Supreme Court said:

“mere labelling of a group as a communist front is not an actual threat to one’s right to life, liberty, or security.” (Zarate v Aquino)

Or maybe Atty Olalia was being literal and wanted the same exact words strung side by side?

You never really know when you’re dealing with urban operatives of the CPP NPA NDF- of which Edre Olalia is one and the organization he heads, the National Union of People’s Lawyers, a front of the CPP NPA NDF that’s directly linked to the terrorist underground organization LUMABAN or Lupon ng mga Manananggol para sa Bayan that advocates for the violent overthrow of government.

In other words, NUPL’s main goal is to recruit and radicalize those who are in the legal profession to join the CPP NPA NDF.

The vast majority of its members have no idea that it is a terrorist organization behind the NUPL and that they are slowly being lured and manipulated to hate and mistrust government. Until one day they wake up bearing arms as violent extremists of the NPA or as someone whose promising career took a dive so he now lawyers for NPAs like Edre Olalia does.

It is government’s duty to protect its citizens from the duplicitous CPP NPA NDF that bring great harm to them and their loved ones.

And we do this by telling the truth about their fronts like NUPL - and KABAG (KABATAAN, ANAKPAWIS, BAYAN MUNA, ALLIANCE OF CONCERNED TEACHERS ACT, GABRIELA).

Olalia also does all that he can to protect the fronts of the CPP NPA NDF- no matter how far fetched and ridiculous.

Like bending himself in whole body contortions to make what the Supreme Court said in such a clear and straightforward manner mean what the CPP NPA NDF wants it to mean so they can continue to protect their fronts because those despicable fronts are the lifeblood of this terrorist organization.

This is where they are able to recruit our indigenous peoples, our children, the most vulnerable among us into violent extremism.

This is what they use to fool the Filipino people into voting them into Congress, NGOs to donate vast amounts of money that they then use to fund extreme poverty and terrorism in our country.

We would like to reassure our countrymen that the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict is fully committed to destroying the CPP NPA NDF.

And we are more relentless about the Truth than they are about their lies and we are louder about the Truth than they are about their lies.

And YES, there is no such thing as “redtagging”.

The Supreme Court, the last bastion of Truth and our Democracy says so:

“mere labelling of a group as a communist front is not an actual threat to one’s right to life, liberty, or security.” (Zarate v Aquino)

Tapusin na natin ang lampas limang dekadang salot na CPP NPA NDF.

Magtulungan tayo.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

NTF ELCAC Spokesperson for Sectoral Concerns

26 March 2022



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