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On the fallen NPA hitmen in Buena Rosa Subdivision, Brgy. Macabling, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna

Is senile Jose Maria Sison losing his control over his vicious and bloodthirsty attack dogs, New People's Army?

How can Joma, the "master red-tagger", deny that he gave those instructions to eliminate officials of NTF ELCAC when just last Jan 2, 2021 he reiterated this order to organize his murder squad to attack NTF ELCAC officials and counter revolutionaries?

It was very clear from the statement of CPP Spokesperson Marco Valbuena given last New Year.

Either Joma is too senile to remember or he's just doing what he does best: lying to his teeth.

Of course, the NTF ELCAC has to take precaution. In fact, we already took action prior to that which resulted to the killing of five (5) of their murder squad in Baras, Rizal last 17 December 2020, among them were identified as Carlito Simon, Jonathan Alberga, Nino Alberga and Llyod Natividad. The CPP and their allies, especially the Kamatayan bloc and Karapatan, who has since tagged the incident as "Baras 5" incident, all claimed that the fallen were farmers. Maybe, except that they yielded 2-M16 automatic rifles, 1 Uzi submachine gun, 1-Cal .45 pistol, a .38-caliber revolver, grenades, several laptops, cellphones, ATM cards which they use to withdraw money from their extortion victims and subversive documents. In fact, the fallen hitmen last Friday, who were identified as Rommel Rizza@Jomar/Bernie, Commanding Officer, Regional Special Operations Group (CO, RSOG); CO, Main Regional Guerilla Unit (MRGU); and Execom Member, Southern Tagalog Regional Party Committee (STRPC); Ka Blue/Billy, Medic/Supply Officer, RSOG, STRPC; and Ka Dean, Intel Officer, RSOG, STRPC which also yielded 1-M16 rifle, 2 Cal .45 pistol, several electronic devices and subversive documents. They were able to escape from that raid in Baras. So let's hear the lies again of Karapatan and the Makabayan bloc, regarding this treacherous plans of Joma which went kapoof.


Commander, SOLCOM



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