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On the Stand of Terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF on the Myanmar Situation

On March 29, the designated terrorist organization CPP-NPA-NDF gave their advance April Fool’s joke by condemning what it called the “massacre yesterday of 114 unarmed demonstrators” in Myanmar.

This is awfully rich coming from a group of communist terrorists who have committed the most inhumane and most bestial of crimes against the Filipino people and who have run roughshod over every existing human right on the most vulnerable among us for 52 years: our indigenous peoples, our children, the poorest among us.

The 1989 Rano Massacre where 40 unarmed civilians – women and children included – were brutally murdered as they peacefully heard mass. Some of them beheaded.

The Escalante Massacre,

The Plaza Miranda Bombing,

The internal purgings in the 1980s where they murdered thousands of their comrades,

The thousands upon thousands of indigenous peoples they have murdered,

Thousands of tribal leaders who rejected their violent ideology—communism—who were killed in cold blood— in front of their families and tribesmen,

The still-undetermined numbers of our children who lost their lives because they were deceived into joining the CPP NPA NDF by legal fronts like GABRIELA, BAYAN MUNA, ACT, KABATAAN, ANAKBAYAN, LFS, CEGP, NUJP, NUPL, NUSP, IBON, RURAL MISSIONARIES OF THE PHILIPPINES, etc.,

The murder of tens of thousands of our men and women in uniform.

Highly conservative estimates place the loss of Filipino lives in the hands of the terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF at 50,000 (soldiers and PNP excluded).

So for these mass murderers, the deaths of 114 citizens of Myanmar are a mere drop in the bucket.

They must have laughed at how minuscule that number is.

The CPP-NPA-NDF has no moral authority – not one drop – to be condemning what they themselves have committed a million times over.

And when they say, “The Communist Party of the Philippines joins the international condemnation..”, we remind the CPP-NPA-NDF that terrorists stand on the fringes of society and have no place in a world that has joined hands to end terrorism as we have with our Anti-Terrorism Law.

No individual and no group can be part of a world that they themselves have brought on the brink of extinction by their acts of terrorism and relentless violations of the International Humanitarian Laws.

The CPP-NPA-NDF is obviously speaking from the high horse of their illusions and pretensions. And their laughable posturings to be part of the international community that calls for the defense of human rights are part and parcel of the pattern of deceit they’ve employed in using as cover those who truly care for the upliftment of human rights.

Terrorists don’t belong in civil society. They belong behind bars where they can no longer harm the global community that strives to live in peace and unity.

So no matter how hard the CPP-NPA-NDF pretends to be human rights defenders who care for the people of Myanmar, the Truth is plain to see: they are the worst and most egregious offenders of human rights.

And that they don’t really care about Myanmar or its people.

So any moment now, we expect that non-entity Marco Valbuena to come out with the decrepit father of terrorists, Joma Sison, and greet us all a happy April Fool’s Day.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

Spokesperson, NTF ELCAC

April 1, 2021



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