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Philippine Army’s Third 𝗜nfantry 𝗗ivision 𝗖ondemns 𝗖𝗣𝗣-𝗡𝗣𝗔 for 𝗙austo 𝗙amily 𝗞illing

JG June 17, 2023

A statement issued by the Philippine Army’s 3rd Infantry Division: The Army’s 3rd Infantry Division (3ID) strongly condemns the senseless and brutal killings of Fausto family.

Likewise, the 3ID denounces the baseless and fallacious accusations made by Human Rights Advocates Negros and IFI Bishop for Migrant in Europe, Bishop Antonio Ablon. These entities and personalities were barking at the wrong tree.

These barbaric and inhumane acts are but the trademark of the CPP-NPA Terrorist’s (CNTs) desperate move as they suffer from the series of debacles from the Phil Army’s continues conduct of combat operations. This is part of CTGs black propaganda and diversionary tactics, as they continue to suffer devastating defeats in Negros due to the relentless operations of government forces.

The CPP-NPA terrorists have long been known for their trademark strategy of deflecting blame, persuade people in deception, and pointing dirty fingers at the Philippine Army and other government institution whenever they face setbacks and defeat.

It attempts to divert attention from their inhumane, barbaric acts and atrociousness, terrorizing communities in Negros Island and other parts of the country.

The CPP-NPA’s tactics have been repeatedly exposed, and this latest fallacious accusation is yet another weak and unsubstantial attempt to enraged and mislead the public and tarnish the reputation of the Army in Negros.

The tragic death of the Fausto Family is an agony to their loved ones and a great loss to their community, and our nation as a whole.

We extend our deepest condolences to the bereaved family and assure them that we are now closely coordinating with the Philippine National Police to identify the assailants and to bring them to justice.

We call upon the public, especially the Negrenses, to remain vigilant and resilient against the CPP-NPA’s deceptive propaganda. Their desperate attempts to distort the truth and sow discord within our society will not prevent us from performing our mandate to serve and secure the Negrenses and the Filipino people.

We encourage everyone’s cooperation on the ongoing investigation and help bring justice to the Fausto Family.

3ID is committed to serving and protecting the Filipino people, and we stand firmly against any act of violence, terrorism, or human rights abuses.


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