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RTF6 on condemning the killings of two civilians in Masbate due to the employment of APMs by the NPA

The CPP-NPA policy of using anti-personnel mines in their desperate effort to project an illusion of "strength" has claimed the lives of countless civilians and has maimed countless others over the years.

Clearly, the CPP-NPA shows no respect to life.

It is merely another terrorist organization believing in the lies of its leaders who are living luxurious and entitled lives far from the perils of close quarter combat and the hardships in their jungle hideouts and lairs.

The NPA is merely a terrorist killing machine hiding behind the facade of so called "revolutionaries". This is the same terrorist organization that cannot be condemned, criticized, and damned by some members of the Philippine Congress despite leaving a trail of blood, destruction, and acts of terror in its wake.

If some of our politicians remain deaf, blind, and dumb to the atrocities committed by the NPA in pursuit of their long lost desperate cause, the rest of the Filipino nation has had enough of this terrorist organization.

Underneath all the propaganda peddled by the CPP-NPA, they are nothing more than just a bunch of brainwashed and misguided group of individuals rallying to a dying cause that has lost all form of substance and relevance.

We condemn the NPA for their dastardly act of terrorism claiming the lives of Keith and Nolven. Precious lives have been lost. The NPA must suffer the consequences of their barbaric and atrocious act. The terror must End. The terrorists must be brought to the bars of justice.

There should be no more Keiths or Nolvens.

We, at the RTF6-ELCAC, remain committed in Ending the Local Communist Armed Conflict, for peace in our communities, for our families, for our beloved Philippines.

Flosemer Chris I Gonzales

Spokesperson, RTF6-ELCAC



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