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RTF6 Response to the Statement of Catholic Bishops on the Alleged Culture of Violence in the Country

The three Roman Catholic Bishops in their joint statement conveniently forgot to condemn the culture of violence and the senseless acts of terrorism perpetrated by terrorist groups operating in the Philippines, the two most notorious groups are the ISIS inspired Abu Sayaff Group and the CPP-NPA-NDF.

It is baffling that they are singling out the government and the President for the alleged culture of impunity without sufficient bases for their allegations aside from their seemingly near verbatim adaptation of the propaganda taglines being peddled by anti-government groups, terrorist front organizations, and by the political enemies of the President.

The three Bishops should broaden their horizon by taking a closer look at the atrocities and human rights violations of the CPP-NPA terrorist organization including but not limited to, arson, murder, rape, extortion, recruitment of children as armed soldiers, use of anti-personnel mines, exploitation of the IP groups, engagement in terrorism financing under the guise of pseudo charity works and front NGOs, infiltration of all sectors in society including some churches and religions in the country whose members or at least a minority of the members were duped into supporting and furthering the goals of the CPP-NPA terrorist organization.

Let us not allow religion to be an instrument of propaganda by any group that aims to discredit the government.

If the Church leaders call on an end to violence,

they should condemn first and foremost the atrocities committed by terrorist groups.

They must condemn the CPP-NPA's exploitation of children.

They must condemn the drug traffickers and pushers.

They must condemn child molesters and sexual predators.

They must condemn the CPP-NPA terrorist organization whose ideology does not believe in a God.

Until then, peace will elude the Filipino people and while the CPP-NPA terrorist organization casts a shadow on this beautiful nation...

The Philippines will be likened to a valley of death.

But then, as long as there are well-meaning Filipinos who work and struggle for peace by putting an end to the Local Communist Armed Conflict, the valley of death shall be transformed into a valley of hope where generations of Filipinos shall live in peace and prosperity,

united under

one God,

one Flag,

one Country,

Because we are one People,

one Philippines.

Prosec. Flosemer Chris Gonzales

Spokesperson, RTF6-ELCAC



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