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On Rappler’s ALCADEV school article

Rappler issued a statement condemning my calling them an ally and mouthpiece of the CPP NPA NDF.

In defense of the CPP NPA NDF, they say they fact-checked my claims that the word “LUMAD” is a word the CPP NPA NDF stripped of its real meaning and reinvented to mean ‘ALL TRIBES OF MINDANAO” to support their terrorist activities— not the least of which are the massive fundraising and extortion of NGO’s and GOs here and around the world.

And the more reprehensible deliberate killing of thousands upon thousands of our indigenous brothers and sisters--- GENOCIDE, the destruction of their culture by the theft of their identity and the murder of THOUSANDS of their tribal leaders— just 3 of 17 unforgivable atrocities they have committed against our indigenous tribes.

The commission of these crimes made easier and more convenient by that one despicable word, LUMAD.

Rappler says that what I wrote is false: the word “LUMAD”, according to them is NOT a creation of the CPP NPA NDF.

Except that two days ago, the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples—the body that represents and is tasked to care for and protect our indigenous brothers and sisters – crafted a Resolution entitled:


Pertinent parts of the Resolution read:

“the term ‘lumad’ is a Cebuano term meaning native. “Lumad” referring to indigenous peoples of Mindanao was adopted by members the Lumad Mindanao People’s Federation (LMPF) on 26 June 1986 during its First Congress/Assembly in Kidapawan, Cotabato.

(My note: LMPF is an above ground organization of the CPP NPA NDF.)

… An ensuing meeting of the LMPF was conducted at the University of San Carlos in Talamban, Cebu to lay down the framework to use the term ‘lumad’.

As further testified by Datu Lito Olmos, who was elected as the first Secretary-General of Lumad Mindanao People’s Federation (LMFP—a front of the CPP NPA NDF), the term “Lumad” was chosen to control the identification of the IPs under the banners of CPP NPA NDF. The terms lumad and kalumaran were then widely used to solicit foreign and local funding in finance generation activities of the CPP NPA NDF.”

“Whereas, looking at the historical context of the term ‘lumad’ emerged, it is but just and proper to put order and in order to correct the injustice committed by the CPP NDF NPA and to put a stop to the corruption of the IP struggle, that this group condemns and denounces the use of the term ‘lumad’ to refer to the ICC/IP groups of the Philippines..”

All commissioners were present and I had the honor to witness all these: their firm resolve to unshackle their people and to finally correct this outrage.

This Resolution was signed by Commissioner Gaspar Cayat representing the indigenous peoples of CAR and Region 1, Comm. Norberto Navarro representing the indigenous peoples of Region 2, Comm. Rolandao Rivera representing Regions 3 and the rest of Luzon, Comm Jeorge Largado representing our IPs in the Island groups and the rest of Visayas, Comm. Jennifer Pia S.Las, representing our IPs in Central Mindanao, Comm. Dominador Gomez, representing IPs of Northern and Western Mindanao and Secretary Capuyan, NCIP Chair and Comm representing our IPs in Southern and Eastern Mindanao. The resolution was attested to my Executive Director and Head Secretariat Rogelio Bantayan.

The entire indigenous people’s sector of the Philippines represented and heard.

A far better representation than a blogsite known for its unethical brand of journalism that having them as Fact-checker is a joke of monumental proportions, don’t you think so?

Rappler then says I was wrong in claiming that ALCADEV taught their students how to become NPAs.

In fact, ALCADEV is a creation of the CPP NPA NDF that targeted senior high school indigenous children in Region 13.

Its open LOCAL organization was the MAPASU—Malahutay nga Pakigbisog alang sa mga Sumusunod (Sustained struggle for the next generation.)

ALCADEV’s Regional Organization for Region 13 was the KASALO or Kahugpongan sa mga Lumadnon Organisasyon.

The underground mass organization of ALCADEV was the REBOLUSYONARYONG ORGANISADONG LUMAD or ROL of the CPP NPA NDF.

(Note the liberal use of that reprehensible word “LUMAD”.)

It was the legal front, MAPASU that got funding from the hapless Belgian government who gave generously not knowing they were funding terrorism and the destruction of our

indigenous peoples.

In their ‘fact-check’ report on this, Rappler again defends the CPP NPA NDF-created ALCADEV and claims that ALCADEV is ‘privately-owned and government regulated’.


ALCADEV, when it existed, had NO government regulation at all.

Their curriculum was the curriculum of the CPP NPA NDF – the PADEPA or the Pambansang Demokratikong Paaralan – a course that utilizes systematic brainwashing, radicalization and

agitation of its recruits regarding Philippine history and the National situationer that will justify armed revolution as the only solution to the ills of society.

They didn’t have licensed teachers.

There was no student registration.

Students there did not have SLN—Student Learner’s Number – meaning they were out of the school system so a LOT of them wasted precious years learning to be a CPP operative then

when they decided to get back into the fold of the law, learned that all those years in that phoney school didn’t count for anything and that they would need to go back to square one.

And the most heinous of all: ALCADEV made possible the kidnapping and trafficking of indigenous children for political propaganda and then too, to make them into child warriors.

Rappler, therefore, supports and propagates the propaganda lines of the CPP NPA NDF.

ALL the propaganda operations and materials of the CPP NPA NDF to justify the blood crimes they’ve committed against the indigenous peoples are being used by this blogsite.

And they, like CPP NPA NDF-created media sites (Bulatlat, etc) toe the party lines so faithfully-- right down to the letter.

For this and so much more it is accurate to describe Rappler the way I have: an ally and mouthpiece of the CPP NPA NDF.

They have made possible the continued abuse and exploitation of a most helpless and marginalized group that this government is striving with all its might to defend and protect and then to put on high ground.

Rappler owes our indigenous peoples an apology for being party to the unbearable Grief and Suffering they’ve had to endure in the hands of these communists terrorists.


Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

NTF ELCAC-Spokesperson



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