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To Suffer Thy Comrades: How the revolution decimated its own

Robert Francis B. Garcia, To Suffer Thy Comrades: How the revolution decimated its own, Anvil Publishing, 2001. "To Suffer Thy Comrades" delves into the turbulent history of the Communist insurgency in the Philippines, particularly focusing on the internal dynamics and tragic consequences of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its armed wing, the New People's Army (NPA). Authored by Robert Francis B. Garcia, the book provides a compelling narrative of how the revolutionary movement purportedly aimed at social justice and liberation ultimately led to the destruction of its own ranks.

Garcia offers a detailed examination of the ideological rifts, leadership struggles, and internal purges within the CPP-NPA, revealing how these factors contributed to the movement's decline and loss of popular support. Drawing on extensive research and firsthand accounts, the author sheds light on the human cost of the Communist insurgency, including the atrocities committed against former comrades accused of betrayal or dissent.

Furthermore, "To Suffer Thy Comrades" explores the broader socio-political context of the Philippine Left, including its interactions with state forces, civil society, and grassroots movements. Garcia analyzes how external pressures, such as state repression and strategic blunders, exacerbated internal divisions and fueled the cycle of violence within the revolutionary movement.

Through meticulous storytelling and incisive analysis, Garcia paints a vivid portrait of the rise and fall of the Communist insurgency in the Philippines, highlighting the tragic irony of a revolution that devoured its own adherents. The book serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of extremism, dogmatism, and the ruthless pursuit of power in the pursuit of revolutionary goals.

Overall, "To Suffer Thy Comrades" offers a compelling and sobering exploration of the complexities of revolutionary movements, shedding light on the human drama and political turmoil that characterized the Communist insurgency in the Philippines.

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